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Simon Cowell's Advice

'X-Factor' Rejects

Should Try 'The Voice'

5/27/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
thinks just because some singers are talentless, superstar wannabes not worthy to compete on "X-Factor" ... it does not mean they wouldn't be perfect for ... "The Voice." OH SNAP!

Sources who attended the Austin "X-Factor" auditions tell TMZ ... Simon and L.A. Reid came up with the brilliant idea to mess with the NBC show by convincing bad singers to audition for "The Voice" instead.

L.A. Reid was overheard on set telling one such wannabe, "If you decide to try out again, please do it on another show." To which Simon added, "Yes, the good news is I hear 'The Voice' auditions are happening next week."

Good one guys.


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this coming from a man who signed "incompetent" brit brit spears..okie dokie! wonder if he will have paula appear so one of their biotch fights can draw in ratings too? never have seen the x factor and don't plan to but i can say the voice rocks! even sauced the judges are more entertaining than simon ever was..oh snap snap!!

878 days ago


L.A. Reid, The man who has given us the most vapid and throwaway artists and music in history, Yes he made tons of money but he never produced anything memorable or enduring .

878 days ago


X Factor is sh**. The Voice is way better.

878 days ago


pretty worthless statement considering the winner of X Factor won 5 million dollars and nobody knows who won.

878 days ago


What a F*kin idiot this guy is turning into.

878 days ago


Perhaps Simon Cowell hires dimwits to make himself appear macho and intelligent. Big mistake Simon did hiring Demi and Britney. Most likely the last season for X-Factor. A.I. is dying out also. A.I. is too stretched out with b.s. between performances. They need to reduce the time allotment to hold audience attention. The Voice moves fast thus giving the contestants time to reveal their talents and their contestants aren't selected by their appearance. Audiences want to see/hear the contestants not all the time allocated to the judges.

878 days ago


I am sorry but i rather watch The Voice over the Xfactor to be honest.. It seems between idol and xfactor they judge more on looks then talent atleast on the voice ppl get a fair shot regardless of age or looks

878 days ago


I'm done with singing shows. If you're any good you'll be discovered if not well look at these singing shows track record out of all the contestants there are like 4 successful singers out of all the contestants on these shows combined.

878 days ago


XFactor is boring. I quit watching it after a few shows. I started watching the Voice instead. It's a more interesting concept, although they are all rip-off's of one another and I'd watch something else if it was available.

878 days ago


I really think all of this just shows how desperate Simon is for publicity to save his show--even bad, negative publicity.

878 days ago

South Beach    

Simon dear, your show sucks. It's a poor third and sinking fast.

878 days ago

South Beach    

Make that 4th, "America's Got Talent" kicks Simon and his motley crew down another notch, particularly since Stern started as judge on it.

878 days ago


I'd rather watch the ants in my sink than any of these Gong Shows.

878 days ago


Going to the Voice is lame.It is superior to the X-Factor.Send them to America's Got Talent ,and get rid of them faster.The X-factor unperformed because of poor judging,and a host that was inexperienced.The Voice never had to replace their judges or their host. Additionally, their talent is at a much higher level that the X-Factor.

878 days ago


Memo to Simon....."The Voice" kicked your ass in the Nielsen ratings!

878 days ago
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