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Francesca Eastwood


Destroying Birkin Bag

5/28/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_francesca_eastwood_birken_bagClint Eastwood's daughter has been bombarded with vicious online death threats after she publicly demolished a $100,000 Birkin bag in the name of art, TMZ has learned.

Francesca Eastwood, star of "Mrs. Eastwood and Company," and her BF Tyler Shields took a chain saw to the pricey bag and then LIT IT ON FIRE ... which has angered dozens of fashionistas (and many who are just economically challenged).

Eastwood has been receiving death threats via Twitter and Facebook, such as:

-- "Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten bitch to burn 100k bag."
-- "You’re a stupid whore. How f***ing dumb can you be."
-- "You should kill urself, ungrateful bitch – wasted money when families can't eat."

Sources close to Francesca tell us ... the 19-year-old said she knew people would be shocked, but never expected this level of hatred. We're told she's been telling friends ... people just don't understand art.



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You know, I must correct a mistake I made earlier when I said it would be interesting to see Mrs Eastwood work? I just realized this is the daughter Clint had with that redheaded actress (the mom from Titanic) something Fisher. This is not the current Mrs Eastwood's daughter. My mistake.

841 days ago


She might have received it for swag at some Hollywood "thing" and remember the price we pay and the cost to make it are most likely EXTREME opposites!!

841 days ago


Um...when did stating that someone is a stupid, spoiled, arrogant, ridiculous, out of touch, callous brat become a DEATH THREAT? Keep whining Francesca and friends. Boo hoo. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.

841 days ago


Death threats from liberals. No hate like liberal hate, as usual.

841 days ago


She can do whatever she wants with her own money. It's a ****ing bag. Why do people think it's their business?

841 days ago


"people don't understand art" That's not art, sweetie. That's just burning through daddy's money.

841 days ago


awesome!!!!! she clearly gets it concerning consumer slavery!!! 2 thumbs up & a power fist with a twist. thise pissed off are the idiots who can not afford one nut would still but one any ways. they should get the threats. MORONS!!!!!

841 days ago


This girl is a very spoiled over-emotional daughter
of Clint and Francis. She does not show well on
that new reality show. Needs to take alook at herself
or her mother needs to teach her how to act like a young lady.

841 days ago

Alessandra Capella    

Geez, people, it's HER bag. She can do anything she wants with it. Who really cares???

841 days ago


As long as people keep watching that ridiculous show she's going to get stupid amounts of money to do stupid things! Stupid brat!

841 days ago


I have been an artist for 40 + years, and no, Francesca, this is not art...just incredible and intense stupidity.

841 days ago


Soon your country is going to have its version of the French revolution....

They really went nuts.

841 days ago

debi t    

Whereas, it may be her money, her bag and her decision, WE THE PEOPLE have the same right to think she is a spoiled lil brat, who just burned a bag that could have paid for a HOUSE in Middle America. She DEF isn't setting much of an example...just another example that Reality TV is Foolish TV.

841 days ago


Worse than burning the bag are the old bags that would make such toxic comments.

841 days ago


Pathetic little girl without a clue. Did she finally get the 150k Birkin bag that she really wanted, so she burned the 100k Birkin that she never really liked anyway? Can we, as a society, PLEASE stop making these "reality" show people famous?!? They are all complete train wrecks! Yes, too! If no one watches their shows, they will go away. It's that simple.

841 days ago
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