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Madonna to Lady Gaga

I Can Steal Your Songs Too

5/29/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shoe was on the other foot in Israel Friday -- Madonna performed a cover of Lady Gaga's hit song "Born This Way" ... the same song Madonna called a rip-off of her earlier work ... but it's unlikely this was an homage to L.G.

Madonna was rehearsing for a concert in Tel Aviv -- singing her own song "Express Yourself" -- then seamlessly transitioned into Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Madonna famously criticized "Born This Way" when it was released last year, calling the song a "wonderful redo" of "Express Yourself." Madonna then called it "reductive."

Gaga called Madonna's comments "retarded."

So we gotta ask ...


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love how all of the lil monsta's are saying madonna is over when the chick is going to gross more than gaga with lesser tour dates than the monsta hideous big nosed gaga shows.

842 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Gaga is a direct clone of Madonna for this generation. But just like everything else this generation seems to rip off it's not as good.

842 days ago


She's chanting "She's not me" at the end of the song...clearly an insult, but a justified one...

842 days ago


Gaga totally ripped it off. own it ... I hope she keeps it in her act... Total Troll job by Madonna...

842 days ago


It is not cool to throw the word "retarded" around like it's a weapon, because in the process you are diminishing mentally-handicapped people. I know Americans are right up there with the highest s***s of the earth, but really, don't pick on the handicapped, it's really bottom-feeding.

842 days ago


Madonna's chanting "She's not me" at the end of the song...clearly not an homage

842 days ago


Gaga has more talent.
Madonna has a thin voice that needs mic and effect.
Lady Gaga has a thick strong voice on it's own.
Example: Youtube..."Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Piano Version)"
Gaga can play her own instruments.
Madonna acts conceited, Lady Gaga has a friendly, approachable personality.
Big difference between the two ;)

842 days ago


They both know what they're doing because were talking about it. They're stars, they obviously talk and while we are all bitching about it on the blogs, they're laughing about it all the way to the bank. Enough already. Why do people get o so upset about Madonna or Gaga--it doesn't matte which one you like or hate--they both feed off of the "controversy"!

842 days ago

Just Reading    

I thought the "she's not me" part of the song was amusing. Aside from that...the sniping from both sides is so juvenile.

842 days ago


I'll tell you what she did (didn't read other comments, sorry if I'm repeating). She sang them side by side to show how similar they are. Then she finished with repetitions of "She's not me!"

Pretty simple, actually.

842 days ago


Gaga needs to learn her place! That would be the gutter.

842 days ago


Madonna have been sued a total of 15 times for copyright violation, the most blatant being her "Justify My Love", which she had to give all earnings of to Public Enemy. She has NO RIGHT to speak.

842 days ago


That's awesome too bad she didnt perform that old ace of base song and then go right into gagas alejandro song!

842 days ago


Well first---

For every MORON that's posting "Who cares?", you sound stupid. If you didn't care, why read, sign in, and post a comment at all? Slow day at work? ...Do you even HAVE jobs?

Secondly, GO MADGE! You tell that manufactured, gimmick stealing gillamonster that you're not blind or deaf and you KNOW when you're being plagarized. Inspiration is one thing. Theft is another. Madonna is a legend, however washed up you silly teenagers seemed to think she is. Gaga is a right-now. Will never reach Madonna's altitude and is just mad because she got called out. Oh well. Try stealing from Michael next time like everybody else. You picked the wrong chick to steal from. Oh....and can i add that Gaga is HIDEOUS? LOL...sorry...that was a sidebar

842 days ago


Lady Gaga is just as pathetic. Stupid bitch is too chicken **** to say what she wants to, so she uses her team to do the dirty work. Because , you know, she has this flawless role model **** going on for weak ***** ***gots.
They are both ****s.

842 days ago
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