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Halle Berry

Aggressive Photog May Be

Her Ticket to Paris

5/31/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew DeetzThe aggressive paparazzo who incited Halle Berry at her daughter's school is going to be called to the witness stand and grilled like a cheeseburger ... in Halle's bid to move her family to Paris.

Halle is getting ready to fight it out with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry in family court. She is asking the judge to allow her to move to Paris, where she claims the paparazzi respect the privacy of celebrities and their families much more than in the U.S.

Sources tell TMZ ... her lawyer will call independent photog Andrew Deetz to the stand -- he's the photog who was lurking around Nahla's school, causing Halle to explode in anger. We're told Halle's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, will use Deetz as a human exhibit -- getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.

BTW, Deetz got into a big scuffle with Britney Spears' bodyguards in Las Vegas back in 2007.  He claimed one of her hired muscle punched him during the skirmish.

In addition to Deetz, we're told Kolodny will call expert witnesses who live in France, to explain how French culture differs from the U.S., and how photogs generally keep their distance from celebs and their families. The lawyers will also testify that privacy laws protect celebs in France way more than in the U.S. Of course, Gabriel will counter with Princess Diana.

As for 4-year-old Nahla, we're told she will NOT testify about the proposed move.

Sources tell us there is NO chance of settlement -- this case WILL go to trial.

The trial is scheduled for June.

We placed calls to Kolodny, but did not hear back.


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My Big Salami    

A grown man with a camera taking pictures of children (celebrity or not) needs to be in jail for LIFE!...

873 days ago


That is just an excuse. She has enough money to keep flies away from her if she wants to and she is pretending she is so terrified of the Paparazzi? Yeah right...until she wants to use them to promote on of her crappy B.S. movies. Get real, it's just a ploy for this psycho bitch with Parent Alienation Syndrome to get her way. Any judge that falls for this is just plain stupid!

873 days ago


She should NOT be able to go to France. This is bull. She's just using it, milking it, to get to move to France with her new love. How fair is that to the father? Do you think she would be asking to move to France if she never met her new bo?

873 days ago


Halle's just being a difficult bitch to get back at her exhusband. Everyone knows the paps in Paris are a lot more aggressive than they are here.

Hello, look what happened to Princess Diana while she was in Paris.

872 days ago


The father wants to be in his daughters life. He should be able to be without having to fly to another continent.

If her goal is just to get away from the paparazzi how about she moves to a different part of California or even better a DIFFERENT STATE. That way she gets rid of the paps for the most part, but doesn't make it so difficult for a father and daughter to have a relationship. THERE, PROBLEM SOLVED.

There is no real reason for her to move to France other then she wants to.

872 days ago


**** her and her privacy. She's a rich arrogant bitch. Celebrities love the attention and beg to get their picture taken and when they get the fame they wanted they tell everyone who helped them to go **** themselves. What a thankless loser she is

872 days ago


This is a no brainer. If the judge rules in her favor, it just proves that money buys "justice" in this country.

872 days ago


Another vindictive bitch taking advantage of the poor California family laws. The only thing with this, is that this bitch is famous.

872 days ago


you want privacy? just get out of show business...oh, and now we see the temper she blamed her ex of having. interesting how it's a two way street there.

872 days ago


If you want privacy then get out of show business. Seems simple enough. Oh, and love your's probably what really went down with your ex. Money doesn't buy class.

872 days ago


I said think her attack on the papper was premeditated for the purpose of using him to make her case.
I hope Gabriel Aubrey brings up Princess Dianna as an example of the respect the french have for privacy and safety,

872 days ago

Zach Swan    

Generally speaking, the paparazzi are among the lowest forms of life on the planet. That said, this woman is bat $hit crazy. Someone who behaves like she does should not be parenting a child.

872 days ago


She is selfish and she is mean. As long as Nahla is with her, who cares, right? Yup, that's her attitude. As I said, selfish and mean. I hope the courts see right through her.

872 days ago


It's ridiculous that a grown woman should have to ask a judge's permission to live where she wants to live. The only thing a court should have to sort out, is that the child's interests when it comes to visitation rights for the father are properly taken care of. Apart from that, is not a judge's or a baby father's call to decide decide where a woman could travel or set up home. Is US Iran?

872 days ago

Joan K    

How many husbands has this "B" gone through already? It is very plain to see that she is one hard person to live with and like others have commented she only wants to go to Paris to be with the next loser.

872 days ago
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