Brian McKnight Video for Porn Song PULLED From YouTube

6/2/2012 1:39 PM PDT

Brian McKnight -- Video for Porn Song PULLED From YouTube

Brian McKnight's new theme song is so dirty, the company has had the video pulled off their own YouTube channel by outraged McKnight fans who don't approve of the raunchy track.

As TMZ first reported, loved McKnight's first foray into the dirty song business so much, they asked him to pen a track for them ... which he did.

But sources at tell TMZ ... the first video for the song they posted, which just featured girls in bikinis, was pulled from YouTube for alleged "inappropriate content." We're told the comments on the video came mostly from McKnight fans upset about the song's subject matter. rep Corey Price tells TMZ they re-posted the video with no girls at all -- just the song -- and it STILL GOT PULLED!!!

Price tells us, "I can't believe with all of the crazy content that is posted to YouTube on a daily basis that THIS video of all things is being pulled repeatedly! Apparently you can show videos of bomb making and people killing kittens, but a bunch of hot girls dancing around in bikinis is outlawed."

Sounds un-American to us.