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UCLA Players to Diddy

Keep Your Millions

Justin Earned Scholarship

6/3/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Diddy's son might be the RKOC (richest kid on campus) ... but Justin Combs' fellow UCLA student-athletes say daddy big bucks shouldn't have to pay a dime -- because Justin earned his scholarship fair and square.

Diddy's been slammed since it was announced this week his son is getting a full-ride scholarship -- $54,000 worth -- to play football at UCLA. The criticism is that Diddy should foot the bill himself ... leaving the scholarship available for a more needy student-athlete.

However, multiple student-athletes -- some on scholarship, some off -- tell TMZ Diddy's millions are a non-factor because, "If you're good enough to play football that you're getting recruited, it doesn’t matter how much your parents are making."

Another student -- a junior volleyball player -- said Justin "should be able to get [the scholarship] if he's qualified. If he's good enough on field ... I don’t think what his father does should play a role."

Of course, a high school senior struggling to get into college might feel differently.

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5'7" 165-175 cornerback doesn't get a division I scholarships. Lolz. let alone consideration.

FYI most Div I safties go 5'l0"-6' and 190-205 pds...

UCLA is probably the WORST team in the Pac Ten... ****ing Joke

870 days ago


Some parents actually encourage their children to make it on their own. Diddy did not have things handed to him and he should expect the same of his now adult son. It is called becoming a man. And this young man earned the scholarship so he should be proud.

870 days ago


Yes he earned everything but the classy thing to do would be to let the university give the money to another student. Drop in the bucket for Diddy. He is one of the 1% that Obama keeps talking about. I know he supports Obama so........

870 days ago


Whether he earned it or not why can't Ditty just donate that amount back for the school to give out as a one time scholarship? Ditty is always worried about appearances just donate it and do the right thing you can easily afford it.

870 days ago

Jon jonz    

For those crying about this weight size 160...-180 is plenty size in high school he is a freshman and only 18, players tend to grow and put on weight in a college program ... Check the players drafted this year And a few are in 180--190 range.

870 days ago

Jon jonz    

Rich kids get scholarship offers all the time. The Montana's the sims rich ex football,players sons get them all the time.. Colt McCoy parents are rich for 10 life Times and no fuss was made when Texas signed him

870 days ago


Hmmm, I thought scholarships were for those who needed a hand to go to college. So a kid who CAN pay is getting a freebie. America your priorities are screwed up!

870 days ago


Did he get the scholarship because of his father? Celebrities often get free things just for publicity for the things they're receiving. Maybe a scholarship to promote the school so other kids will go to that college.

870 days ago


Yeah they should give the scholarship to the less fortunate. By less fortunate I mean those who aren't fortunate enough to be blessed with enough talents to receive a scholarship instead of Justin, who was actually talented enough to achieve 1.

870 days ago


congrats to his son on a job well done. He should be treated no different because of his dads status! however, Diddy claims to be filthy rich and could make a nice taxable donation to the college. But, with that said ppl who earn their own money have a right to choose how they spend it.

870 days ago


Although he has gotten everything handed to him on a silver platter, let's hope somewhere in his character, he will kindly return the money so that another athlete who comes from poverty and looking for a way out can receive this aid.
Or at the very least, his millionaire father should match an academic scholarship for the same amount his son received.
Let's face it, is this not the REAL reason UCLA recruited this 'superb' 5'9" athlete....to get moola from his Dad?????????

870 days ago


He earned an ATHLETIC scholarship, NOT an academic scholarship. The difference: You earn an athletic scholarship in the most level playing field possible: on the merits of your athletic ability; AND you commit to being both a student AND commit to putting in the extraordinary work and demands that comes with being on a D1 athletic team. Another big difference: Athletic scholarships are funded entirely with NON-PUBLIC funds...ZERO taxpayer dollars. Justin EARNED it on his own and deserves congratulations rather than ridicule just because his father has money.

870 days ago


Sad. P- Diddy makes $ of the AA community but NEVER give anything back.

This type of behavior is typical of AAs celebrities with the exception of Oprah Winfrey/Tyler Perry.

870 days ago


unfortunately our society is at such low standarts that a kid is judged not by his work and commitment to something, but by his father's wallet. if he has worked hard to actually deserve the scholarship, why the hell shoudn't he get it? he actually has merit in it! get a grip you all. congratulations to justin, if you deserve it, you should be able to earn it.

870 days ago


He earned his scholarship, just like every other person who earns it. Rich kids earn scholarships every year. They go to high schools that prepare them for this. Where are the complaints for that? He should be able to enjoy something that he earned without his father's help. And for all those kids who couldn't go to school because they "needed" a scholarship, they can still get student and possibly PLUS loans.

869 days ago
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