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Mary J. Blige

Charity Accused of Stiffing Scholarship Winners

6/3/2012 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary J. Blige's charity isn't doing much for higher education, because some of the "beneficiaries" may have to drop out of college because MJB's foundation reportedly flaked out on paying tuition.

25 seniors who graduated from the all-girls Women’s Academy of Excellence in 2010 were promised four-year scholarships to the college of their choice, says the NY Post, but several of the girls say their tuition bills have gone unpaid.

Gennevive Sarfoah, for example, is attending SUNY Canton and made dean's list. She tells the paper the charity barely paid her bill in time the first year and she's received nothing since. She's had to take out a loan and if the charity doesn't help out soon, she says she'll probably have to drop out. 

The mother of another girl told the paper her daughter has gone through the same ordeal and has tried calling and emailing the charity, but gotten no response back.

As TMZ previously reported, Blige's charity was sued by TD Bank for failing to pay back a $250,000 loan. Blige told TMZ she "didn't have the right people in the right places doing the right things" and they were trying to fix things.


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A foundation borrowing money is not a good sign.

838 days ago

TMZ Lies    

Isn't this last weeks news.. She said on the Angie Martinez show on Hot 97 that once she found out the girls scholarship was in jeopardy she paid for it out of her own pocket.Let her at least get to all the girls one at a time .. geez . If Mary is working to fix the problem with a new team .. then let her fix it!! Why is this still a story ??? TMZ and NY Post can be really pathetic sometimes !

838 days ago


Guess, Mary is back to her drug addition. Too bad she collected money on false pretenses, and instead of helping poor black women, she is helping her highly paid and incompetent charity executives.

She sure has a history of blaming everyone but herself.

Thats what drugs will do to you.

838 days ago


PEOPLE, do not give your hard earned cash to these "foundations" only squander the money on themselves. Chaka Kahn has a super corrupt foundation too, which we will be suing soon.

838 days ago


she did it for tax purposes like Zoe said.
Her husband is a cheater and is just
with her for the money.

838 days ago


This is a D@MN shame. Most celebrity charities are bogus vehicle to allocate money away from the tax man. How sad do you have to be to promise young women an ability to go to college and then disappear on them. WTF? The whole idea of a scholarship is the remove the financial burden and stress in paying for college and this organization failed miserably. Shameful! Now, where's the money? Where did it all go?

838 days ago


MARY J. BLIGE: Well, you see it's like this, we have the money but we don't. After the administration cost-which would be me-we had some other incidental expenditures-PLUS-there were some homies who were just released from prison who I hired to dispense the scholarship money but they're dealing with some legal issues right now, but we are committed to our mission to raise mo money.

838 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

These charity peeps gotsta understand Mary J gots a big entourage to keep filled with crack and smack dogg!!! She need some breavin room boo!! Ya'll be hatin on her.. Gee like this is news? Every rapper and NBA star and 70's music 'legend' are broke three times over by now... I'd bet 90% of these 'charities' from that crowd are nothing but personal money streams when ''times is tough''... BET ON THAT....

838 days ago


The F.B.I. should be all over this.

838 days ago


Not a Mary fan and suggest she is not too smart in running a charity!!! Too bad she can't own up to her short comings!!

838 days ago


Mary the only person to blame is you. You have no clue how to run a charity you make promises to theese young woman who depend on your promises and all they get is to either drop out of school or get loans that they cannot afford. Nice Job i am so glad i would never have to depend on your word because it is worth less than the price of a penny.

838 days ago


Another sc*mbag using "charities" to milk people out of their money. The college girls should sue her ass for not doing what her "charity" promised.

838 days ago


She knew everything that went on. She's nothing but a thieving , low-life piece of ****!

838 days ago


Right and non of this was Ms. Blige's fault
except that her name was on it - her foundation sitffed the musicians, the scholarship grantees, the oh so may other involved yet this Diva knew nothing, saw nothing heard nothing
She is one big nothing!

838 days ago


This obviously has been a problem for awhile now, so why is Mary just dealing with it now? And if she picked "all the wrong people", and didn't stay on top of a charity in her name, then she, and only she, is to blame.

838 days ago
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