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I'm a Stripper Now!

6/3/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom... the stripper!!!
Gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome to the stage ... OCTOMOM!!!!

That's right ... sources close to Octo tell TMZ she has booked a gig at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL for her first stint as a stripper. We're told Octomom will do two shows a night from July 11-15.

But it's not all good news -- or maybe it is -- because we're told that while T's Lounge is all-nude, Octo will only be going topless. And if you were hoping to take Octo back to the champagne room, that's not going to happen -- she won't be doing lap dances. 

According to our sources, Octo has felt "sexually liberated" since filming her solo porn (due out this summer) and decided stripping would be a good way to promote the upcoming video.

We're told Octo will be making "thousands" from the gig ... not all in singles.


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Juan Gomez    

yucch! I wish this freakshow would just GO AWAY!! There's NOTHING more disgusting to look at than the body of a preggo!

838 days ago


I thought strip clubs wanted "beautiful" women? Or is this a fetish strip club?

838 days ago


Her kids are going to be bullied @ school.
They had better stay close together to watch each others back.

838 days ago


Wonder if she arranged a babysitter, or if she'll just leave some food out and tell the kids to take care of themselves while she's gone.

838 days ago


Nadya is sinking lower and lower. Yes, she is making money but I doubt she is taking herself off of public assistance/welfare right now! She was just at Disneyland this past week AND was buying iPhones for herself and her oldest son (age 11) for his birthday this week. Does that sound like a welfare mom hard up for cash?!
Nadya claims she had no paid help babysitting, but has let it slip on a recent webcast that she has a babysitter AND introduced her babysitters son!! Oops...guess she does have paid help! What's a few more lies after all the whoppers she has told, right?!
STRIPPING? Nadya claims she can't even grocery shop (with her food stamps) because of severe panic attacks in public & that's why she stays inside all the time. But suddenly after one orgasm on video she is sexually liberated enough to get on stage and strip?! That is laughable! Go for it Nadya. At least you cannot claim disability for anxiety/panic attacks now.

838 days ago


gutter trash

838 days ago


The kids should not suffer! She was a fool to implant that many eggs! THE DOCTOR WHO PERFORMED THIS PROCEDURE SHOULD PAY THE CHILD SUPPORT!!! He is a ignorant SOB! The children need a good home and I hate to say this, but should be taken away and put in foster care. They are living in hell hole and will be damaged for life if the state does not step in. They will also be to blame for not helping these kids.

838 days ago


I'm going to throw up!

838 days ago


Octoho has always been comfortable taking her clothes off for ca$h. Pennies fit nicely in her fake belly button.

838 days ago


BTW, she stripped under the name Angelina before the kids.

838 days ago


Wonder where the MsSarcia/TeamNadya cheering team is? Her hero doing porn and stripping and losing her house, I'm sure she's curled up in a pathetic ball wishing she had kept her mouth shut about her much adored idol Nudeya!!

838 days ago


I like the fact that this gig starts on her birthday. Sort of a "Happy Birthday to Me" kinda thing. I also like the fact that 7/11 is also the date of the Creditors' Meeting for her dad's (Fast Eddie) bankruptcy. too bad these wonderful people won't be together on such an important day. (snark)

838 days ago


Disturbing...Who's watching the kids?

838 days ago


Nadya claims she lives in terror and has panic attacks because she's afraid that something will happen to her children whenever she's not at home with them. So now she's going all the way across the country for a stripper gig, leaving the children behind? Why didn't manager Gina get Nadya a stripper gig in the L.A. area, so she could get back home to the kids right after work every night? Nadya is no great beauty, but still you couldn't convince me that every single strip joint in metro L.A. turned her down.

838 days ago


OK I know she made her bed, but there are MILLIONS of people/companies who could have stepped up to help their brand, now her name is mudd & her poor kids. SHAME ON AMERICA!

838 days ago
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