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I'm a Stripper Now!

6/3/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom... the stripper!!!
Gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome to the stage ... OCTOMOM!!!!

That's right ... sources close to Octo tell TMZ she has booked a gig at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL for her first stint as a stripper. We're told Octomom will do two shows a night from July 11-15.

But it's not all good news -- or maybe it is -- because we're told that while T's Lounge is all-nude, Octo will only be going topless. And if you were hoping to take Octo back to the champagne room, that's not going to happen -- she won't be doing lap dances. 

According to our sources, Octo has felt "sexually liberated" since filming her solo porn (due out this summer) and decided stripping would be a good way to promote the upcoming video.

We're told Octo will be making "thousands" from the gig ... not all in singles.


No Avatar


Porn is inevitable, stop prolonging

811 days ago


Geeze! Give the woman a break!! She is a single mother of so many kids.. its obvious she is stuck doing things like this!!

811 days ago


Octo*****! Gnarly!

811 days ago


With her morals, she'll have her kids stripping before their sixteen!

811 days ago


@KR Actually what people want is to take ****ing responsibility for their actions.. She already had 6 kids to raise.. Instead of trying to have more she should of learned to take care of the ones she got. Awww.. Poor thing has to go into Poor and Stripping... The Attention whore knew what she was getting into having 8 more kids. You are by far the only one feeling sorry. BTW... She makes a HELLA lot off Welfare and she's still on it. Her kids are uncontrolled, rude, she's half out of her mind and more worried about her "Camera" ready image.. When anyone came up to her in a park to ask how her kids were doing.. It was about her and how she blew all her donations. So **** her and her ****ing mighty horse. I feel more sorry for the Nanny's since they are the ones raising them and they are also the ones feeding them. Unless there is a camera on her she's NO WHERE NEAR THOSE KIDS.

Sorry---if we're pushing her to raise and pay for the kids she has brought into this world.. But, you know what if you can't pay to feed your kids.. DON'T HAVE THEM PERIOD. SHE MADE THE CHOICE it wasn't an OOPS.

Anyone that should be Ashamed of themselves is YOU (KR) because you believe everyone else should pay for the choices that a woman made. **** you and your might horse you stupid ass.. I doubt you'd toot that ****ing horn if you lived near her and YOU were paying for her choices.

811 days ago

larry wade    

hell yeah i love stripper

811 days ago

Terrence Hanton    

Octomom Is Doing, Whatever She Has To Do, To Take Care Of Her Children.

811 days ago


She is bad mother.... Who take care her children from she work stripper..... I wish that she will be go jail because she is bad mother.

811 days ago


hey really she's prob better looking than most of the strippers at t's lounge!

811 days ago


Pathetic, poor trash.

811 days ago


Before she gets too full of herself, it would behoove her remember that there is also a segment of society that also gets off on watching fat women eat. In other words, there are a lot of sick nut jobs put there.

811 days ago


Once again, proving that Americans are mindless sheep.

811 days ago


Haha she wont go nude because the Roast Beef would hit the floor haha.

811 days ago


There is no better porn than OctoPorn! A new financial empire in the making. I want some, I need some, I live you Nadya you beautiful girl!!

811 days ago


I live in West Palm....and T's Lounge is a hole in the wall, white trash strip club..wait till " The Princess" sees it...HAHAHA

811 days ago
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