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Lindsay, Nicky & Paris

Reunited & it Feels So 2006!

6/4/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan, Nicky & Paris HiltonDo not adjust your screens, this is not a six-year-old pic from Hyde Lounge... it really is Lindsay Lohan in the same room as Nicky and Paris Hilton this past weekend.

With no signs of the impending apocalypse, the former besties all hung out at the birthday party for someone named Allison Melnick (chick in the blue rubber skirt) in West Hollywood Friday night.

It's great that Lindz and P were able to make amends, put all those DUIs, court appearances, jail sentences and firecrotch run-ins behind them and move on.


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lielo sees that white frosting and gets all geddy...
she is going to have betty crocker hanging out of her nose for hours

814 days ago


is Lindsay head so much bigger then the others?

is Lindsay hair change color and shape at the neck line?

is Lindsay looking to the right when everybody else is looking at the camera?
is the shadows wrong only around Lindsay?

is this picture faked up to look like they are buddy buddies...?
am I bothering to ask TMZ anyway ?
Why ........

814 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Because you have an inquiring mind, Ketjo and inquiring minds want to know.

814 days ago


i am so proud of nicole richie...she doesn't have to be in this mess of a shot

814 days ago


Allison is 15 years older than Blohan and looks 15 years younger than that SLAG. WOW!

814 days ago


BOB is Battery Operated Boyfriend.....DUH! LOL

814 days ago


They actually look hot for a change.

814 days ago


Lohans selling all these bogus storys so" Last Chance Lohan" can pay her rent

814 days ago


Does Drag U have a scholarship program? Because if so, this bitch needs to enter it.

If you took one of Elizabeth Taylor's old headshots, soaked it in dirty meth pipe water, charred its edges on a hobo's trash can fire, tore it into a dozen pieces and then pasted those pieces back together using homemade silly putty and black tar heroin, the image looking back at you would look more like Elizabeth Taylor than this picture of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor does. TMZ magically got their hands on (aka White Oprah gave it to them for half of a Vicodin pill) this picture of LiLo in full basic cable La Liz drag and it's giving me hope. Hope that this is going to be one of the biggest unnatural disasters in American history.

I don't see Elizabeth Taylor at all, but I do see shades of Joan Crawford. But maybe that's because looking at this picture is giving me the sudden urge to beat Lifetime with a wire hanger for casting this mess

814 days ago

delusional much LL?    

making it in show business was and is white oprah's delusional pipe dream.
you know lowhan didn't get the right attention she needed from that worthless a--hole.
the attention she got was connected to working.
once 'freaky friday' raised her profile and gained her entrance to the hot, pap infested hollywood clubs and tabloid attention it was bye bye working, hello attention wh8ring.
lowhan turned herself into a paris hilton type celebrity and will have to keep being a trainwreck and getting in trouble to keep getting that attention she so desperately craves,other wise she'll be heading to the same oblivion as paris.
the interest in lowhan certainly isn't about her "acting".

814 days ago


Marina ‏@marriskaT
Update: Lindsay Lohan is STILL a Sh*tty Liz Taylor: TMZ released another new image from the...

814 days ago


If Lindsay wants to be taken seriously, she HAS to stop hanging out with trash like Paris.

In fact, stop hanging out with celebrities altogether. It rots your brain.

814 days ago


Heres Blohan in a swimsuit NOT looking like Liz.
Poor Liz, she must be rolling in her grave.,,2060...1021,00.html

814 days ago


Heres more picture of "Last Chance Lohan" NOT looking like Liz

After almost derailing production by demanding casting approval and a trip to Europe to scout for an actor to play Richard Burton, here’s Lindsay Lohan actually filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick today because apparently Lifetime’s really going to go through with this. I had no idea tax write-offs were this elaborate, but that’s probably what the secret Kenyan Muslim wanted me to think so he could peep in my windows at the womenfolk. I played right into his hand

814 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

So it was an Allison Melnick event ?
Enjoy your freedom Lindsay

814 days ago
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