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Mel Gibson

Dad Files For Divorce

6/4/2012 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hutton Gibson cited irreconcilable differences from Teddy Joye Gibson
Mel Gibson's dad has just filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

93-year-old Hutton Gibson cited irreconcilable differences from Teddy Joye Gibson, who is in her 70's.

Hutton -- interestingly -- is asking for spousal support.   He also wants her to pay attorney's fees.

Hutton had no kids with Teddy, but had 11 kids with his first wife, Anne, and more than 50 grandchildren.

Also interesting ... Hutton is a devout Catholic and his religion does not believe in divorce.

The couple married in 2002.


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"Also interesting ... Hutton is a devout Catholic and his religion does not believe in divorce."

Well they also don't believe in birth control, but I know many Catholics who use it. Religious rules are archaic. If you're unhappy, don't stay in a relationship that is terrible, no matter what your beliefs are.

870 days ago


"Also interesting ... Hutton is a devout Catholic and his religion does not believe in divorce."
And Jews don't eat pork. Do you know how many Jews I've seen eat pork???? TMZ always picking on Mel Gibson and now his family. Lay Off.

870 days ago


I cant WAIT for TEAM MEL to show up and start trashing this poor woman....this should be VERY entertaining.....Gee, I wonder if Hutton's going after Mel's Ex OKSANA!!!!

870 days ago


At 93, how much longer does he have, really? Usually at that point, you just wait for the other one to die. He's probably slipped a cog or two.

870 days ago


what a gentleman.

870 days ago


Not even a story without Mel 'Gbsons name at the top. TMZ must be desperate for clicks again. Like who cares he's an old man, probably a bit demented, and he'll be dead before its even granted. Like who cares???

And what can one say for being a devout catholic, other than you piss your life away, keeping the church happy and at 90 years old, you finally decide you weren't really happy and they cut you down anyway. Who cares what the catholic church or any other church says, when its all said and done there's only one judge and it isn't the catholic church. they get to be judged too. And I am kind of thinking between A Vatican loaded with gold, priceless artwork and loads of money, while people starve to death daily, whose going to be the biggest loser on judgement day. Somehow I don't think it will be Mel Gibson's dad.

870 days ago


Hey Huttie, just have Mel annul your marriage in his church - then you should be all good!
93 and asking for SPOUSAL SUPPORT....AAAHAHAH!!

870 days ago


why would any old man like me want an old hag like that anyway. I like them 18 as always. if i'm going to take it in the shorts tis going to be a hot time, not limp cause hags don't excite me.

870 days ago

priest's wife    

just some fact correction (not that it changes the fact that he is a silly man):
He is a 'catholic' not in union with Rome- a super-traditionalist who rejects the Vatican II council and who flies in his own priests to a church built by Mel- this is not the way it is done in the Catholic Church- we don't have private churches that write down license plate numbers and have security to control the movements of the lay people.- but 'Mel's church' does.

also- the Catholic Church does not allow REmarriage after a civil divorce (which is a hard teaching for many people to stomach anyway)- an annulment of the first marriage can be sought if certain factors can be met that existed at the time marriage was performed - A marriage may be declared invalid because at least one of the two parties was not free to consent to the marriage, or did not fully commit to the marriage.
Grounds for nullity include:
Force or grave fear imposed on a person to obtain their consent (canon 1103)
The consent was based on a condition or reservation (canon 1102)
No intention, when marrying, to contract a lifelong relationship (simulation of consent) (canon 1101§2)
The intention, when marrying, never to have children (canon 1101§2)
A serious lack of the discretion at consent concerning the essential matrimonial rights and obligations to be given (canon 1095 n.2)
Psychological incapacity at consent to fulfill the essential obligations of marriage (canon 1095 n.3)

TMZ crew- I don't read TMZ every day, but I'll be your consultant on all things Catholic!
(yes- my husband is a real Catholic priest- we are Byzantine Catholic in union with Rome)

870 days ago


Nothing complicated here. If you no longer get no longer get along. How old you are doesn't matter.

870 days ago


Divorce isn't the problem for Catholics under certain cir***stances (legal technicality), remarriage is. I doubt he'll be on
I'm sure we don't know the whole story.

870 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

The idea that Mel might live into his 90s is the saddest news I've read today.

As far as hypocrisy, the Catholic church virtually invented it.

Did you know that Catholic nuns used to serve as sexual servants to their priests?

870 days ago


Who cares about the Nazi SOB

870 days ago


Wow, what happened? Did she refuse to wear a his and hers swastika patch?

870 days ago


So much for fundamental Catholicism. I guess the men in this family abide by the commandment of Do As I Say And Not As I Do.

870 days ago
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