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Sexual Abuse Trial Begins

6/5/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jerry Sandusky just arrived at a Pennsylvania courthouse for the start of his sexual abuse trial.

The former Penn State assistant football coach kept it quiet on his way into the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, PA, where jury selection is scheduled to begin today.

Sandusky faces 52 criminal counts for the alleged abuse of 10 boys over 15 years -- though he denies all the allegations.

Opening statements aren't expected until Monday. Some of the alleged victims are expected to testify.

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There's a problem here    

I hope he is convicted and placed in general population so he can see how helpless and horrified a person feels being raped. I hope that ginger man is put there with him, along with Sandusky's wife, who I truly believe knew exactly what was going on under her roof.

870 days ago


Woah - huge ******** hanging out of his zipper there. Lots of testosterone in that guy.

870 days ago


What unfortunate photo! And I hope he pays all his crimes, but we are missing those who knew and did nothing those are worse.

870 days ago


That man deserves to die a horrible, agonizing and slow death, as does anyone who covered for him.

870 days ago


Propofol the cure for pedophilia.

870 days ago


What a nasty dirty ole pervert , and hes not even a good looking man.. i cant believe this ole creep had a wife and he was up there sexing young boys and some i hear where black..that amazes me because i thought people like him didnt like blk people.. anyway, that is the lowest of the low of crimes that can be commited on innocent kids..one thing i learned you damn sure cant judge a book by the cover and that the ones you dont watch are the ones who you need to be watching! Look how long this man got away with this crap and all those perverts hiding what he was doing.. throw him in jail and throw the key away!

870 days ago


**** this piece of ****!

870 days ago


There's a special place in HELL for this LYING SON of a B-TCH! Same goes for his wife, because SHE KNEW.

870 days ago


And everyone who got a rise out of Miley or Justin one day before their birth-date of consent, you are pedephiles, too. My friend got 10 years flat for possession of an old Playboy containing photos of an under-aged actress taken forty years ago. He is homeless and unemployable because of your stereotype profiling.

870 days ago


I feel so sorry for all those victims that must now sit in court and have to relive those nightmarish years and all the horrific memories this uber douchebag brought to their innocent lives. Rot in Hell with the most painful of all eternitys

870 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm sure that sweet little Mrs Santa Claus he is married to was complicit in his twisted perversions. She probably enabled him so he'd stay away from their own kids and grandkids ... and maybe even the family dog. She should be tried right along with him.

870 days ago

black or white    

please, please dont let him get away the way michael jackson did. this needs to stop NOW!!!!!!

check out corey feldmans youtube video on pedophiles in hollywood. he said he was surrounded by them.

that kid was molested. HAIM was molested/raped! and many other young hollywood stars from the 80 and 90's. right around the time michael jackson was the BIGGEST thing out. plus michael jackson was pandering around the whitehouse, which by the was is notorious for this sort of behavior. missing kids on milk cartons, yeah! this michael jackson was there for reagan and bush senior!!!!

there is every possibility that michael jackson was a pedo.

back to this bastard, sandusky, please, PLEASE DONT LET HIM GET AWAY!!!!


870 days ago


Burn in Hell, pig. Same goes for his people that covered for him for so long. What's in the bag he's carrying? Did he bring toys & candy with him to lure kids at his pedophile hearing? Ass.

870 days ago


I read all of these comments and I do believe it is sick, however, the question I have had fo a while now is why did these "victims" wait so long? What is wrong with their parents? TRUST ME if that where my child, I would have come forward WAY BEFORE they did.

870 days ago


i agree, just a nasty NASTY PIG.
prohenol is too good for him.
he needs a little PAIN inflicted on him.
like a nut cracker.

870 days ago
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