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Stuttering 'AGT' Contestant

I'm Not a F-F-F-FRAUD!

6/6/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Timothy Poe
-- the stuttering "America's Got Talent" contestant who says he developed his speech impediment from a war injury in Afghanistan -- is firing back at allegations he made up the whole thing ... telling TMZ, his injury and stutter are 100% legit.

Poe's audition aired Monday night -- the singer told the judges about a 2009 incident when he sustained serious injuries during an RPG blast in Afghanistan.

Poe spoke with a pronounced stutter during the audition -- which he claims he developed as a result of his war injuries.

But reports surfaced yesterday that the singing veteran was full of crap -- because no such RPG injuries were ever reported.

Poe tells TMZ, the fact that there is no record of the incident is a common problem -- one that Poe says is endemic when it comes to reporting soldiers' injuries in Afghanistan.

We asked Tim to prove it really happened.  He said he received treatment at a military medical facility in Afghanistan before being transferred to a medical center in Landstuhl, Germany. Tim says he was then transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  He did not produce any documents to support his claim.

Tim says he plans to sue his ex-wife and several others for telling the media he was lying.

We asked Tim for ANY hard proof to back his claims -- he gave us nothing, saying he can't release pics or documents for legal reasons. So we gotta ask ... 


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Hes full of c-c-c-c-c-crap. I am an Army combat vet (Airborne Infantry) and his story is bull****. He couldnt receive treatment or benefits without having do***entation not to mention he would have a purple heart and it would be noted on his DD214. Hes a ****ing liar.

867 days ago

Daniel Stoner    

The photo of the Soldier you are using to identify the fraud is actually a friend of mine, SSG Norman Bone. He is pretty pissed off right now and I am sure that he would appreciate your removing his photo from the story so his face is not associated with this...individual that lacks integrity and honor. He is a link from the DoD showing Norman as being the Soldier in the photo, taken many years ago.

867 days ago


After the audition, while being interviewed by Nick Cannon, Tim spoke clearly- no stutter. Nick cannon even commenetd on that fact. If the story is bogus, it is apalling. There are so many heartwrenching stories, that are not fabricated, of the men and women in the military as it is, Children losing parents and parents losing children, spouses losing spouses, etc. so many loved ones lost. Not to mention the ones that are lucky enough to live, without limbs, sight, hearing, the ability to walk, etc. How dare he (allegedly) use something as noble as that, to gain sympathy votes on a "get rich quick scheme". I mean where is your dignity pal?

867 days ago


commented* damn typos. I would also like to add that if the story is true, then it is truly sad. However, there are soldiers that served with him coming forth saying that it is not true. I read that he was deployed there for only about a month, then medevaced out due to "a non combat injury" ( an ear infection).

867 days ago

Joe Shmoe    

Can't produce evidence? What about those 9 copies of your DD-214 they produce when you SEP? Is Timothy Michael Poe even his real name? Should've said he was Gen. Patton, at least he has his own wiki page full of do***entation.

867 days ago


its so horrible u people even came up with the claim he is faking it after this man spent 14 yrs defending ur country pieces of $hit he doesnt need to lie when he already has a great voice and i hate country but get a life to all u lames instead of talking about someone elses.

867 days ago

wendy may    

3 little letters and 1 piece of paper can put this all to rest, it's called an LOD (Line of Duty) report. Every soldier exiting theater to a military hospital outside the country they are deployed to must have one. My husband was shot by a sniper in 2009 in Iraq, he was on a PSD and his MOS was 88M, so yes it is possible that you can be doing something you wouldn't normally do but there is a paper trail, there are phone calls made from the US ARMY to your next of kin everyday til you return stateside, Purple Heart or not. BMAC has records, Germany has records, the Guard has records ( sworn statements). Don't tell me that for legal reasons he can't produce them cause that is plain BS. My husbands records are here for the world to see, my story is here for the world to see, and if what he says really happened....where are your brothers in arms standing up to say "YES THIS DID HAPPEN?"

867 days ago


Its easy show his purple heart and his orders for it. I have one its not that hard to verify. TBI from Iraq apr 3 2003.

867 days ago


Military paperwork gets messed up all the time. I can remember having to do the same paper workd 2-3 times because it would get lost. Not all injuries get reported, HE can release his own personal medical records if he wishes too. HE can't release any military medical records.

867 days ago


If you want truth, don't watch TV. Why are people so surprised that people will lie to get on TV? If you are not interesting, you do not get put on. Everything on TV is manufactured.

867 days ago

Ariana Cota    

Who cares what anyone else thinks they obviously weren't there if he is telling the truth so for anyone who thinks hes lying stfu, because you have no idea if it is on not.

867 days ago

Ariana Cota    

Who cares what anyone else thinks they obviously weren't there if he is telling the truth so for anyone who thinks hes lying stfu, because you have no idea if it is on not.

867 days ago


I earned my purple heart and c an produce the orders for it the medical do***ents for it. The photos of my humwvv after it was blown up. I ssuffer from TB I to the point I have forgotten my children's birth and walking them into kindergarten for the first time. People like this make me sick. I was blown up a week before we left bBaghdad and none of my paperwork got messed up in transition back to the states

867 days ago


i Dont know the dew But i know one thing that he serve our country as a United States Soldier and that alone in this time will make a hero if he history is true or not people have some respect because he did went to afganistan and figth for our freedom and our nation so back off people i wonder if any of you will even have the corage to enlist and defend our contry !!!

867 days ago


I really hope he didn't make up the whole head injury thing.. I do have a head injury that happened 4 years ago and I still am dealing with it to this day. And if he did make it up then no he is not a hero and should be ashamed of himself for making such drastic allegations to get attention or whatever he wanted.. So next time he should stop and think before he talks because people like myself actually have these symptoms.

867 days ago
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