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'AGT' Fraud

Family is Getting

Death Threats

6/8/2012 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the stuttering veteran Timothy Poe who sang on "America's Got Talent" tell TMZ they have been receiving death threats since our stories revealed Poe is a fraud.

As we reported, Poe gave producers of "AGT" a photo which he claimed showed him in Afghanistan, but in reality the pic is of someone else. And Poe could produce no documentation to prove he suffered a debilitating brain injury in the war -- as he claimed on the show.

Poe's family tells us ... several family members have been getting death threats. We're told Poe's sister-in-law went to the store Thursday with her kids and someone came up to them and said, "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Several family members have received phone calls. We're told Poe's fiancee answered the phone (after Poe's number was leaked on social media) and the caller said, "You made American vets look bad and now you're going to suffer."

And we're told another vet called to warn that he and others would be coming to Poe's house, so "watch out."

As for Poe himself, a family member says she fears he's suicidal. He hasn't left the house since the scandal broke, and he's been crying incessantly. One family member says Poe is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

But ... we're told no one has called the cops about the threats.


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He's suffering from I got caught in a lie because I'm a sack of crap with no respect for anyone but my famewhoring self. He managed to screw up any career he may have had, had he been half the man an honest man is. I pray for his soul... and anyone who supported him in this ridiculous situation.

865 days ago


lmao at the "you made vets look bad." Because threatening the lives of a bunch of people, no matter how horrible one of them is, doesnt make vets look bad.

865 days ago


Maybe he wouldn't be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome if he only told the truth. Then again maybe even that is a lie too?

865 days ago


he should be hung by his balls, now thats a talent!!!!!

865 days ago


this guys needs 2 be hurt that will send a good message violence can be good sometimes! n this is the time!

865 days ago


Oh, boo-effing-hoo. You exploit the real pain, suffering and sacrifice of American soldiers and then you want to cry victim of those same vets? I have a hard time wishing anyone harm but I hope no one puts you on suicide watch.

865 days ago


He doesn't even know the meaning of P.T.S.S.
Dumb Dumb, PTSS does not occur until much later, not right after getting caught, that's why they call it "Post"

865 days ago


Now Mr. Poe comes out making excuses to why he "misrepresented" himself on AGT. More lies upon lies. Mr. Poe is a person who you call a serial liar.

865 days ago


Serves him (not the family) right!! Fackin' S***BAG LOSER!! As a PROUD VETERAN who actually SERVED in foreign theaters (1st Gulf War & Bosnia-Herzegovina), I would NEVER take credit or "claim" such DISGUSTING things like this P.O.S. did!! For what?!?!?! 10 minutes of "fame"!?!?! He deserves EVERYTHING that he gets!! Remember, reap what you sow!!

864 days ago


This is wrong to make death threats to the family. This isn't their fault! Come on people!!!

864 days ago


Wow, it is really sad that people get so upset about something so stupid. Even if he did lie, everyone lies so get over it and find something a little more important to worry about. I'm sad for the future of America.

864 days ago


They should send him to Iraq or Aghfanistan and he will never lie about it! this people will do anything for fame or money!

864 days ago


Death threats over a lie?? People are taking it too far! And the lie had nothing to do with his talent. People issuing the threats are looking worse than he is to me.

864 days ago

Flying Blind

864 days ago


For everyone whining about AGT doing background checks - Nobody about him lying until he appeared on the televised audition! That's how the other soldier and the ex wife found out about it! How else would they know? There are too many people who audition - millions! You think they are going to have the time to get through millions of background checks? Get a clue people!

864 days ago
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