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Miss Penn. to Trump

Psych Training Tells Me

Miss USA is Rigged

6/8/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Ex-Miss Pennsylvania insists the list of top 5 Miss USA contestants she was told about perfectly matched the eventual top 5 -- but sources connected with the pageant tell TMZ her math is way off ... because only one name matched.

Sheena Monnin isn't backing down from her claim Miss U. is fixed -- on "NBC Today" she said, "It's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out in order the top 5. I know what I heard there is no doubt in my mind that the contestant is serious when she laid out what she saw."

Monnin claims Miss Florida told her she saw a list of the top 5 before they were announced -- and although Miss FL now says she was joking ... Monnin says, "I have many years of psychological training. I know when someone is scared and serious. Her body language was serious."

But pageant sources tell us the list Miss Florida saw had only ONE name of the eventual top 5 finalists -- which pokes a huge hole in Monnin's story. As TMZ first reported, lawyers for pageant owner Donald Trump are currently drafting a defamation lawsuit against Monnin.

By the way, Monnin's psych training consists of a master's degree ... from the University of Phoenix.

 update_barMiss Florida Karina Brez, tells TMZ, "I want to make a statement, very firm and very clearly, that I did not at any time tell Miss Pennsylvania USA or other Miss USA contestants that I knew the final five contestants in the Pageant."

Brez adds, "For reasons I don't understand, my name is now being brought forward as the person who released the names and implied that the Final Five contestants were pre-selected. This is absolutely not true, and not the case."



No Avatar

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Just another bitter liberal. If Warren beffet ran this she would have praised him.

864 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

I love her and believe her.

Also, I hate Trump and find him repulsive and stupid.

She wins.

864 days ago


Seriously, does anyone really care if she is or isn't lying? Does anyone even watch these pageants anymore, because I sure don't. It shouldn't matter regardless.

864 days ago


Anyway, I believe her. Donald your pageants are rigged that's includes Ms. Universe.

Donald too old to be involved with pageants. When will this grandpa of 5 and an old fool grows up and leave these young girls alone, something not right. I think that he a pervert or a high school fantasy this man is living out, hang around pageants and bullying women around. Donald is living a dream, grandpa, please grow up and act your age.

864 days ago


So, Miss FL is now denying all, THROUGH HER REP. Come on, honey, get on national T.V. and tell the world that you did not see that list. I want to see the gal's body language and facial expressions.

864 days ago


Now this whole thing makes perfect sense. The ratings for the miss USA pagent droped so bad that this was one way for Donnald Trump to cause controvery and get people talking about the pagent, Donnald is not really going to sue he is going to pay her money for helping create controversy for a dying TV show.

864 days ago


Much ado about nothing. Of course the pageant is rigged! How else do you think Donald Trump gets sex these days?

864 days ago

Fat Mike    

"pschological traning" says it all. I haven't yet met a psychologist who isn't a complete whack-job. The only good psychologists I've ever met are experienced bartenders.

864 days ago


B**ch is crazy if she thinks she can win her case based on 2nd hand gossip - especially when the person she claims she go the gossip from insists she was joking.
This may get her name out there - but as a crazy, supid b**ch. Trump will destroy her in court.

864 days ago


If it's possible, people care EVEN LESS about this, then about those tacky Kardashians.

864 days ago


Next we're going to hear professional wrestling is rigged, too.

864 days ago


SHE NEEDS MORE PSYCH TRAINING! If she thinks her "psych" training is going to help her in court, she's wrong.

864 days ago


Interesting that they are admitting there was a list. I had already heard about Donald nixing contestants before the pageant even started because they weren't hot enough, IIRC that was in the New York Post last year, so there is no doubt in my mind the whole thing is rigged and i hope they do sue because I think it will cause them to disclose that's its fixed. I think the whole "we'll sue you!" is a scare tactic to make her crumble. Don't do it!

864 days ago


Ha! Look, anyone causing trouble for Donald Trump is okay with me. You go, girl.

864 days ago


Of course its rigged the whole freaky orginization is rigged .....I saw there was 48 cloned Barbie Dolls on that stage and 4 real people...Look at the girls in the finely 5....same hair....same body type and shape, same face whether they were black, white or in between...Rhode Island was the only one who didn't entirely fit the mold they were cookie cut out of....No wonder Miss USA doesn't even make the finely 15 on the Miss Universe contest anymore...because the sent the same one type of Barbie Doll over and over and over again..they do not represent the American woman...they are Donald Trumps and the media image makers idea of a old mans wet dream...that is why I stopped watching and caring a long time ago when I learned about the pageant schools those girls go to ...some of them are damn 28 yrs old and have been entering year after year..out of those schools...
Its all rigged and Donald Trump is the chief rigger.....

864 days ago
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