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Miss Penn. to Trump

Psych Training Tells Me

Miss USA is Rigged

6/8/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Ex-Miss Pennsylvania insists the list of top 5 Miss USA contestants she was told about perfectly matched the eventual top 5 -- but sources connected with the pageant tell TMZ her math is way off ... because only one name matched.

Sheena Monnin isn't backing down from her claim Miss U. is fixed -- on "NBC Today" she said, "It's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out in order the top 5. I know what I heard there is no doubt in my mind that the contestant is serious when she laid out what she saw."

Monnin claims Miss Florida told her she saw a list of the top 5 before they were announced -- and although Miss FL now says she was joking ... Monnin says, "I have many years of psychological training. I know when someone is scared and serious. Her body language was serious."

But pageant sources tell us the list Miss Florida saw had only ONE name of the eventual top 5 finalists -- which pokes a huge hole in Monnin's story. As TMZ first reported, lawyers for pageant owner Donald Trump are currently drafting a defamation lawsuit against Monnin.

By the way, Monnin's psych training consists of a master's degree ... from the University of Phoenix.

 update_barMiss Florida Karina Brez, tells TMZ, "I want to make a statement, very firm and very clearly, that I did not at any time tell Miss Pennsylvania USA or other Miss USA contestants that I knew the final five contestants in the Pageant."

Brez adds, "For reasons I don't understand, my name is now being brought forward as the person who released the names and implied that the Final Five contestants were pre-selected. This is absolutely not true, and not the case."



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ok so miss florida says she saw nothing but the officials say she saw a list with one name on it. Does it sound like something is being covered up to you? LOL they need to get their cover stories correct.

830 days ago


I dont know why we are still having these stupid pageants anyway...

830 days ago

Tigers Wood    

I think Orange Man my be a little scared now. Let's see if Orange Man follows through with the threat.

830 days ago


I think there is something not right with this whole pageant. The rules are broken it seems for ratings but I will not watch anymore because of how low everything has gotten. Furthermore, Miss Canada is not a Miss. That is a man that has been operated on that has to receive female hormones to appear womanly. It seems like Canada was allowed in for the ratings and this pageant then looses its appeal and credibility for me.

830 days ago


This world is warped... by that I mean, "chicks" are quick to come out when a scandal like good o'le Tiger Woods... like 14 "chicks" came out andd said that they too were boinked by Mr. Woods, but now with the Ms. USA & Universe shows on the like... who is gonna back up mrs. Pennsylvania? Come on girls...! time to shine again!! ps -i dont know why I put chick on ""... what a dork!

830 days ago

Kevin Collings    

i believe her more then I believe Trump. When is Trump going to ask to see her birth certificate.

830 days ago



830 days ago


Joe Jonas said it isnt rigged.... So i believe it isnt. Love me some Joe Jonas.

830 days ago


If she saw "only one" name, there clearly was a list of names that she saw that one name on.

830 days ago


If it's true what Miss PA is saying, of course Miss Florida is not going to admit to reading off the top 5 before hand. If she read the 5 names before hand, then that means she was in on it from the start. Hopefully the real truth will come out instead of he said / she said.

830 days ago


Volunteer for a lie detector test and call it a day. Everybody knows that crap is rigged it would be awesome to finally prove it.

830 days ago

billy cema    

After the owner of MUO complained about the lack of beautiful Miss USAs, there was a surge of blonde winners. That worked until a few stumbled in their personal lives, and also onstage during the final question. (Remember Miss South Carolina's answer re: maps?)
Then, just a few yrs back, frontrunner, blonde Miss California had to answer an apparently rigged question about gay marriage. (Rigged, because there were 11 judges, but only 5 questions available to the Top 5.

830 days ago

billy cema    

When the MUO allowed contestants to have all kinds of surgical enhancements, that naturally led to a transgender contestant.

830 days ago

John K    

The question was "How do you know she (Miss Florida) wasn't joking."

You don't need an advanced degree in psychology to know whether someone is joking--but not only does Sheena have degrees in psychology but she has specialized in personality theory and personality typologies.

830 days ago

John K    

"Psych Training Tells Me Miss USA is Rigged "

She never said this and the title of this article is false.

She was asked "Why didn;t you think she (Miss Florida) was joking?

Don't need a degree to answer that question--but the fact that she has two--and has specialized in personality theory adds even more weight to her conclusion.

First visit to this site and my last. I assumed Harvey Levin was honest since he was a licensed attorney. I am disappointed in him and TMZ for distorting the words of someone who is kind, has high standards, and is not seeking publicity--only the truth. You are not serving the greater good Harvey when you distort things to sensationalize.

830 days ago
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