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Chris Bosh

BEGS Judge to Let

Daughter Come to Olympics

6/9/2012 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Bosh is already looking beyond the NBA playoffs ... pleading with a judge to let his daughter see him play in the Summer Olympic Games -- a move his baby mama is fighting due to TERRORIST threats -- this according to a new Florida lawsuit.

According to legal documents filed in Florida, the Miami Heat star wants a judge to clear a legal path for his 3-year-old daughter to visit him in London during the Olympics ... where he's playing for Team USA, but his ex Allison Mathis claims it's a dangerous situation.

According to the docs, Mathis says even though her ex "is willing to take the risk of terrorism," she doesn't think a child "should be willingly taken to a place of promised danger."

If you recall ... the NBA star and Mathis have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle for awhile ... and Bosh says this latest skirmish is another example of Mathis trying to keep him from his daughter.

A judge ordered the issue to be decided by a Parenting Coordinator ... but there's no word yet on the outcome. 

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I live in Florida and you probably have a better chance getting killed by gangs, gators and hurricanes here than you would getting killed by terrorists in London for the Olympics. It's not like he's going to war in Iraq and wants to take his kid with him. It seems kind of nasty on her part trying to keep his kid from him, especially on such a huge occasion. I worked for the family courts, so it's kind of refreshing to see a father step up and actually wants to see and spend time with his child.

844 days ago

Fat Mike    

If she doesn't want her daughter in a "place of promised danger", she better get her out of America.
Sounds like something Halle Berry would say.

844 days ago


Seriously? This is the OLYMPICS. My mom would have killed to have my siblings and I watch our father compete in the Olympics, and vise versa. Its not a matter of "terrorist threats". There are terrorist threats made against NBA games hundreds of times a year. There are terrorist threats made to airports every day. Terrorism is a fact of life. You can either accept it and move on, or you can be paranoid.

Mind you, that's not the case. This is the same woman that wouldn't let the same kid go to the NBA All Star Game. This doesn't surprise me in the least that she would pull some absolute horse**** like this off.

I hope the judge says "Bitch, smarten up! Its the Olympics. Get over it. Let your kid go!"

844 days ago

just my opinion    

very selfish of her to take that experience away from her daughter. 3 is the age when youre really able to begin understanding the things around you and she'd love the sights of the Olympics. sucks when a father can't let their child see something POSITIVE. terrible.

844 days ago


like so many baby momma who make it impossible for father to see their child it comes down to

i want to be a family, be your wife, live with you and YOU DONT WANT ME, then im going to make you life hell using our child.

and so begin the circle of hate that started with her parents

844 days ago


Sigh. Somewhere in a desert underground, a Al Qaeda member is giddy to read this as it proves they are invading the mind with intimidation.

Whatever outcome, she better be glad the Olympics wasn't in Rio de Janeiro where dead bodies on the street ends up on being seen on Google Earth.

844 days ago


judging by the fact the Rockefeller Foundation came out with a memo predicting that 13,000 people will be killed in a terrorist attack at the 2012 olympics I understand her concerns. I dont put anything past these people. As a mother I understand her concerns!

844 days ago

Mary P    

It's London, where Buckingham Palace is... you think anything will come near just for the Queen's sake? Security will be tighter than an Amish quilt.

844 days ago


This is her excuse? a place of promised danger? Wow that has to be one of the most ignorant things I have heard. Even though 3 is a bit small what an amazing experience for anyone let alone a child that would have access to some of the behind the scenes sights. Imagine if the US medals at the games.........

I guess she has never traveled and does not get what a wonderful experience this is for the child.
She does realize that the child is probably safer at the games then in Miami? Any city hosting the games is so secure due to any threat that she comes off as petty and small......

843 days ago


His ex needs to find a hole, fall into it, and die.

843 days ago


Look at the big picture, in the rare instance of a terror attack and something happens to the toddler, there goes mom's meal ticket.

843 days ago

Who Knew    

What a ragging C_nt. argue all you want just don't use your child as leverage. Terrible woman.

843 days ago


This is what happens when dumb people have sex, they have a kid then they break up then the poor kid has to deal with two parents who do not agree with the other, why? because they hate each others guts, Hey lady this guy has a right to be in his kids life, Go with the kid and let her watch daddy play whats the harm? He has every right to have his child see a positive thing in his life,GROW UP.

843 days ago


She's gonna keep this nonsense up and end up losing her kid for 'continued patterns of attempted child alienation'.
A man should NOT have to KEEP going back and forth to court when it's during HIS time as spelled out in the court order. She gonna end up losing her kid.


843 days ago

Bill Leslie    

bitter much? millions of people will be at the Olympics but this gold digging baby mama thinks its too dangerous for their baby (their - his + her's).

843 days ago
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