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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Claims

Bribe Offered for Silence

6/9/2012 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the giant truck that got rear ended by Lindsay Lohan Friday tells TMZ ... LiLo was trying to flee the scene and when he tried to stop her ... her people tried to buy his silence.

Lindsay was driving on the PCH yesterday when she collided with a semi-truck driven by James (we're leaving out his last name). Lohan was trailed by a Cadillac Escalade (which James refers to as a limousine) ... driven by someone connected with her Lifetime movie.

James tells TMZ after the accident, he called 911 as Lindsay and her male assistant got out of the Porsche and into the Escalade. James says the assistant picked up a pink bag, "filled it up with something" and then put clothes on top of it.

James claims the driver of the Escalade was trying to keep him away from the SUV.  James says he wanted to exchange info with Lindsay (whom he did not recognize) but it was apparent to him she was about to flee the scene.

James says the Escalade driver offered him money, saying they could "go to the bank" and withdraw some cash.

James says  the Escalade driver and Lindsay's assistant put on a full court press: "Him and the guy took me across the street and told me this was some kind of famous person and they didn't want to be in the media. But I'd already called 911 because they were trying to get away from the scene. But they packed a bag and then the limousine driver told me, 'Don't mention the bag to the cops.'"

Steve Honig, Lindsay's rep, tells TMZ, "Lindsay is cooperating fully with law enforcement. She has answered all their questions and provided them with everything they have asked for."



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Massengill- IMDB lies.
Red Clown- Drunk post, I'm right because I'm drunk, you poor haters are all wrong because I'm right and drunk.
agent Fruit- I'm friends with Lindsay. I took pictures of her that she used and never gave me credit. No I'm not friends- I mis-spoke. Milo sent thugs to trash my apartment. I'm a big shot Hollywood dude living in Venice.
Susan666 Shut up and stop lying TMZ.
Sheet Wearer H8turds.Bag Lady Bullies.Rode Lizards.Bridge.

864 days ago


If true, the bag probably contained drugs that would put Lindsay back in jail for a real stretch...

Did the Police investigators also get a bribe? Or do they have warrants for the "bag". I'll be drug sniffing dogs will go on Alert if they get near the bag (empty or full).

864 days ago


Being that the driver of the Lifetime car is implicated in the attempt to flee and possibly a drug buy, the network's lawyers will either throw money at the driver of the semi OR if crimes are indeed involved, throw Lindsey under the bus.

864 days ago

Sidney Rocks    

I love how all you losers on here jump at a chance to believe this man who clearly got paid for this story. If he was so critical about being paid to shut up, why not just take the money and go away instead of whoring himself to TMZ. Ooooh the pink bag, whatever will we do? kmt

864 days ago


Lindsay's camp trying to buy someone off? How unexpected. Sh*t is gonna hit the fan. Again. Put on your wading boots, folks.

864 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

Take the money and run like a thief into the night.

864 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

LMFAO!!!!! It just never ends! It must REALLY Suck to be part of Lohan Inc. LOL!!

Ahh yes, Lohan: The gift that keeps on giving.

Or, the grift that keeps on grifting.

864 days ago


She's doing well, if she wanna get into Club 27 together with Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain....

864 days ago


This sounds consistent with the **** she has pulled in the past. Typical addict bull****.

864 days ago


Not being stupid, I don't see how Lifetime other then the movie possibly being delayed has anything to do with Lohans crash. Was it a company rental porche?

This is Lohans responsibility.

864 days ago


Too bad this wasn't a fatal crash.

We all know that Lindsay Lohan has a death wish. It's the only way she's going to be immortalized.

Any talent she once had is long gone, all the drugs ruined her mind and body.

864 days ago


I wonder what the Regret-O-Meter is like over at Lifetime Headquarters (the TGIFriday's in Reseda)

864 days ago


LMAO yeah right, and how could anyone avoid seeing this accident? I call BS

864 days ago


Like I said last night, o' Lindsay is gonna need to call Uncle Terry for some new pics and she'll also need to pull out the o' kneepads and dial up her client list, cuz o' girl is gonna be needin the moola so she can pay everybody off......again!

864 days ago




OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


864 days ago
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