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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Says


6/9/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the truck Lindsay Lohan smashed into yesterday tells TMZ ... any idea that he is to blame for the accident is pure BS ... and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was taken to the hospital following a nasty wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and sources close to Lindsay have told TMZ ... Lindsay feels the 18-wheeler cut her off.

But when we asked James, the driver of the semi-truck, about that idea ... he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay "flying" down the highway. James says he couldn't have cut Lindsay off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred. 

James previously told us Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.



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Grandma Cracker    

Can't wait to hear if there were other 911 calls about a Porsche driving erratically on RCH

833 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Will there be a part 3 from this "concerned" $ource ?

833 days ago


Honestly, Lifetime needs to cut her loose immediately. Even if there's only a week left of shooting, who can trust that LL isn't going to cause another calamity within the next hour and a half? If I were ANY entertainment entity I wouldn't want her on my property!

833 days ago


Its getting kinda sad how bad she is at driving..or just the absolute disregard for other peoples life. She'll get away with it, like everything else in her life. The people in her life arent doing her any favors by enabling this sad. What will be her rock bottom?

833 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Lohans! Meet the Lohans!
They're your modern day messed up family.
From the town of New York
They're now in a place called misery.
Let's ride with the family down the street.
Stop at every drug dealer that they meet.
When you're with the Lohans
You'll have a doob time
A fat gagger of a time.
Let's do another line!

With apologies to "The Flinstones" theme song.

833 days ago


I have to say I do think it is Lindsay's fault. Either way though, Coke heads (or other drugs) even if they are clean are so used to drama drama drama in their life that it still seems to follow them around. They are just bad news and seem to attract bad things all the time.

833 days ago


It looks as though there might be some confusion as to who was behind the wheel of Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche when it collided with a dump truck on Friday.

According to a press release just sent out by the Santa Monica Police Department, there are conflicting reports as to who was driving.

While Lindsay and the truck driver’s accounts are “consistent with the accident”, eyewitness accounts of the incident may not be lining up. The press release reads:

“On June 8, 2012, at approximately 11:42 a.m., the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a traffic collision in the 1100 Block of Pacific Coast Highway involving a large dump truck and a black Porsche occupied by Lindsay Lohan and an adult male. A preliminary investigation revealed that both vehicles were driving northbound on Pacific Coast Highway when the Porsche struck the rear end of the dump truck. Cause of the accident is under investigation … Investigators are attempting to determine the driver of the black Porsche at the time of the collision.”

A spokesperson from Santa Monica PD explains: “Just trying to clear up any conflicting statements that may have been provided by witnesses. Parties in the vehicles have provided their statements and appear consistent with the accident.”

833 days ago


How's my sweetie, Lindsay, doing today?
Bet she's busy working, even after a car accident and that's a woman ;)

833 days ago


This guy is worried, REALLY worried. First he tries to discredit Lindsay by saying her associates tried to bribe him, and his ridiculous statement Lindsays people told him "don't tell the cops about the bag" LOL and now we get to the nitty gritty...the accident isn't his fault. Strange, if someone rearends your vehicle, the front of that car would be completely destroyed, it was the right passenger side of Lindsay car that had severe damage, did Mr Truck Driver drift into the lane on his left causing the accident? Probably.

833 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Unbelievable Lindsay. Trying to payoff someone? Good grief, how about taking some responsibility for a change.

833 days ago


If this is a rented Porsche...then what happened to the Porsche all the enablers said she bought with her Playboy money?

833 days ago


Not surprised in the least. She's been filming for less than a week and this has already happened, Lifetime you lose. Cue LL getting a slap on the wrist and playing the victim.

833 days ago


Lindsay is doing the right thing, saying nothing. Her rep issued a statement saying only she has answerd all questions and provided all the information reuired by the cops. The truck driver on the other hand is outta control, a bit like his driving I imagine. Whats that old saying? give him enough rope...he's hanging himself.

833 days ago


This just in:
While it had previously been reported that Linds was to pose at a photo shoot for an unnamed magazine, it has now been uncovered that the camera-happy Lohan is in fact mugging to promote her latest "clothing" line: Lindsay Lohan-brand Fashion Burqas.

A sneak-preview of one of these soon-to-be-priceless bedsheets showed nothing remarkable.... except the price: One million dollars each. "I didn't make these for the little people" quacked Linds, outside near the Expensiveton Hotel helipads. "If everyone was as rich as me, they...." then she trailed off, leaving many to question her regarding her recent claim of poverty as a means of escaping psychological counseling. "Fvck U" mumbled Linds, as she sloshed back to her penthouses.

The unauthorized snapshot shows Linds vacationing in Palm Springs, posing in front of a not-so-subtle fake desert fabric backdrop (which is rather pointless seeing as how Palm Springs IS in the desert), her clam planted firmly atop an obviously stuffed - therefore motionless - Bactrian (two-hump) camel.

These chic garments are sure to fly off the shelves, providing that Linds doesn't snort the manufacturing capital before the early fall release.

833 days ago


Are we sure it wasn't Michael Lohan in the SUV making bribes? He's usually the one following behind Lindsay cleaning up the mess she's made!

833 days ago
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