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Lindsay Lohan

Truck Driver Is


6/9/2012 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan is calling BS on the truck driver’s allegation of bribery ... and everything else he said about the aftermath of their accident is a flat out lie ... sources close to Lohan tell TMZ. 

As TMZ previously reported, James -- the guy driving the 18-wheeler Lindsay crashed into on Friday -- told TMZ her people tried to offer him money to keep quiet. He also claimed Lindsay and her people took a mysterious bag out of her Porsche and told James not to mention it to police. 

According to our sources, Lindsay says the whole tale is made up -- there was no bribe attempt and no bag removed the car.

We're told Lindsay says the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her.


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i'm not crazy about lindsay however i do think she is telling the truth. this guy wants 15 minutes of fame. she has had such bad publicity, he took advantage of it for his own attention.

676 days ago


Girl is a trainwreck, just a matter of time before we read her obit, she needs to run far away from Hollywood and her wacked out family if she wants a happy life.

676 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Wait.. Lindsay is denying allegations and blaming everybody else? Totally different Lindsay. She truly has changed.

676 days ago


I do not believe one word Lindsay said. Just like when she claimed she had not been at the club where she was accused of assaulting that woman and then security video showed her arriving at the club! She also said she was not using cocaine when she was arrested for DUI even though she tested positive for it and they found it in her pants! She has told so many lies! Of course I believe the truck driver.

676 days ago


@THEMARSHMALLOWMAN wherever you are. Thanks for putting up the Lohan instances of Civil Disobedience today. Printed it off for my husband who never understood why I am always here posting. After reading it, he now gets it and said WTF? Which is HIGHLY unusual. LMAO

676 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay probably hit the guy on purpose so she could get out of work. She was out partying with Brandon Davis the night before.

676 days ago


Lindsay has a peanut shaped head with a dip in the middle and when it rains she gets a puddle.

676 days ago


Grandma, where are the pics of her and Brandon at the Chateau the night you know? I know somebody said they some them.

676 days ago


Hey guys.....
Thanks for all the laughs, my ribs are killin' me
Ya'll have a great night!
Good night!

676 days ago


I wonder how nervous Lifetime channel is, they are doing the movie she is in. and yes all her problems occur when she drives STOP DRIVING!!!!!!!!

676 days ago


Let's review:
" Cocaine in my pockets? I don't know how it got there. I borrowed these pants."

"I wasn't driving. It was the black kid."

"The store loaned the necklace to me." "The jeweler is lying and just wants to make money off of Lindsay." "Ms. Lohan is not to send flowers or contact the jewelers."

Papa Lohan even admitted he attempted to buy Dawn Holland's silence.

After the denials and the 15 minutes of fame and make money off of Lindsay accusations comes the smear campaign. I feel sorry for the truck driver.

676 days ago


Yes Hopeless. How much DID they get. CITE your sources.

help this young woman
0 5

and they do sell their stories to the highest bidder. You can not deny that they sell their stories.

How much did Dawn Holland get
How much did the truck driver get
How much did the nurse at UCLA get
How much did all the people from almost every rehab get for leaks.

676 days ago


Yes Hopeless- who is this new witness?CITE your sources.

676 days ago


my money is on the truck driver!for sure he had no clue who LL is?and of course shes going to deny all this!!shes more in denial than Harvey!!wait for the 911 tape and it will reveal all!!

676 days ago

Lindsey Lohan is on TMZ more than any other celebrity and there are alot of people that seem to be very happy when she fails..I am beginning to wonder if these are TMZ workers and they have some kind of stock with Lindsey to get more publicity....I know she has done some questionable things in the past...but for people to hate her this much....I just really wonder sometimes

676 days ago
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