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Lindsay Lohan

My Brakes Failed!!!

6/10/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_tmz_carLindsay Lohan is now telling friends the brakes on her rented Porsche DIDN'T WORK and that's why she slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, in the moments following the accident, Lindsay claimed the semi-truck cut her off ... and that is what caused the accident. The driver of the truck told TMZ that was not the case and has witnesses to back up his tale. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is sticking with the "truck cut me off!!!" story, but with a twist ... she claims she slammed on the brakes ... but nothing.  And get this ... somehow Lindsay says she was told the brakes on the rental were replaced two days before the crash.

Lindsay is telling people she feels lucky to be alive, having only suffered cuts and bruises ... no serious injuries.

Considering her driving history, one of these days ... well, let's just say she needs a driver.



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Rip Nate Dogg    

I don't think I'd ever believe a word this bitch says.Lindsay Lohan tends to lie almost every sentence she says.

828 days ago


I do not believe that for a second! First she says the truck cut her off and then when he says he has witnesses to prove that he did not cut her off, she then starts saying her brakes failed. Give me a break. No one believes anything that huge liar says. I hope the cops charge her with reckless driving.

828 days ago


I wish she would have said "My 8 inch come f*ck me heels got stuck on the gas peddle"...HA!

828 days ago


I WANTED to like her, I WANTED to root for her. Girl, you burn bridges, and VERY WELL.

828 days ago


Where did everybody go?

828 days ago


the brake failure goes hand in hand with her brain failure...

828 days ago


the brake failure goes hand in hand with her brain failure...

828 days ago


Let's see. So far we've heard from Lindsey, "he cut me off", "I wasn't driving", "My brakes failed"! So which is it? One from column A or one from column B, or ius it ALL of the above?

What about this mysterious "PINK BAG"? What could be in it?

Has anyone actually seen the police report on this? I's certainly like to see just what the cops said! The only one who's never changed their story is the truck friver!

I wonder when Lindsey is going to EVER take responsibility for her own actions and behavior? This Liz Taylor movie is JOKE. She doesn't have the chops to play Liz, Never Did, Never Will. Acting wise, she's a hack. Behavior wise she is an out of control narcissistic brat who thinks rules do not apply to her!

I for one will NEVER watch any movie she makes. Waste of time and money! What encourage some one like that?

828 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OK, where did the poll go? TMZ take it down because no one believed Lindsay?

828 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

She just needs to save us all some time and Kurt Cobain herself. . . .she is a bad ending just waiting to happy. ..just do it and get it over. . .

828 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, so many new names here! Looks like the disgust for Lindsay right now is just about universal, except for a few supporters and lie believers here and there. Maybe the poll was just too embarrassing for her.

828 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

JC, censors work both ways, sometimes in "our" favor. These Lindsay pages can get pretty rough....

828 days ago


A lot of the deletions were where I was giving Helplessfool diaper rash

828 days ago


What is this? 4th chance? 5th chance? This girl has had so many "2nd chances" that I, and the CA courts, have all lost count!

In my state, any rear end collision is automatically the rear car driver's fault UNLESS, and ONLY unless, the front driver was in reverse! Was the truck going backward? Didn't think so.

When is the state of California going to wise up and PERMANENTLY revoke her driver's license?! She can be a danger to herself any time she wants, but get her the HELL off of public streets!

She needs a conservator/guardian like Britney Spears, only her father would be LAST choice, followed closely by her dingbat, idiot mother! She needs a real adult as her guardian/mentor! Unfortunately, there are no adults in her family!

I recommend a randomly chosen combat veteran marine. He/She might have a chance at keeping Lindsey in check. She might even learn to be a responsible adult, eventually!

And SHAME ON YOU, Lifetime, for even trying to protect her! Screw your movie, let her take the consequences she's earned! Your movie was a flawed idea from the get-go!

828 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Did I miss something Lisa? I've been in and out here today.

828 days ago
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