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Manny Pacquiao Fight

Was the Fix In?

6/10/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_bradley_pacuaio_2Manny Pacquiao lost a VERY controversial split decision last night to Timothy Bradley, setting the stage for a rematch ... that seemingly was already in the works! Something smells fishy ...

The internet set on fire last night when Pacquiao was declared the loser ... even though anyone with two eyes (or even one) could see he won the fight easily. 

Our good friends over at TheBigLead.com point out ... Bradley tweeted a photo of a poster for the rematch back on May 29. Most experts agree that a decisive Manny victory would have meant no rematch. 

So we gotta ask ...

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Miguel Contreras    

the reason why pacman lost is because their getting really strict with the drug test and since pacman fought juan manuel marquez he hasnt really didnt impress that fight could of gone ether way, so lastnight was sort of similar pacman wasnt that impressive to the underdogt who gave him a good fight all 12 rounds and their yu havent he lost a split decision.. the drug test thing is so strict that fighter asint even frighting the same.. that proves to you, floyd mayweather is the best boxer of this era hands down..ios all their papi look at the #'s they dont lie, freddy roach is a roach to me he bin dien to have a great champion like he did with michael moore cheating ass who was taking steroids thyats is a fact !! the only fighter that did what pacman did was roberto druan who would destroy pacman.. i know aboput boxing, yui could as roger mayweather he knows what i mean

867 days ago


Mayweather may be the happiest person today outside of bradley. Sure FMJ will not make the kind of money that he could have if he fought Pacquiao, but he was never really interested in that anyway. Now, Mayweather now has the excuse to avoid the fight once and for all, yet still claim to be the best fighter in the world.

867 days ago


I'm going back to watching the WWE.

867 days ago

Mario mendoza     

All fight s this big at all way s are fix in

867 days ago


There is a reason people aren't that interested in boxing anymore. The sport is so crooked that you can't trust any results. Screwing over one of the only big name stars they have left isn't going to heip them. It may help sell tickets for November, but long term it will do more harm than good for the sport.

867 days ago

Just Reading    

With real fighting like the UFC steadily eroding their audience, boxing has been looking for an answer for awhile and Mayweather wasn't willing to give them the grudge match and fight series that they needed/wanted so they manufactured one using Bradley. Now the aging Pac Man and his fans can enjoy the "revenge" series. before retirement and Bradley can be used to dethrone Mayweather later down the line as punishment for "not" playing along. Too bad the "fix" looked too obvious. Oopsie.

867 days ago


why would he be willing to lose to this no body but not maywether.. why does he not want to fight him and waiting till their both too old for anyone to care. especially given how badly fighting is doing these days. .

867 days ago


This once great sport is on it's last legs. Anyone who's old enough to remember boxing when it was great knows what a loss it is... hearns / hagler, duran / leonard, frazier / ali, gone forever. The people who destroyed this sport should be put in prison.

867 days ago


I'll never watch a professional boxing match again. A rematch may garner large sums of money, but none of it will be mine.

867 days ago


pac lost the last 5 rounds being outworked... he lost the first and arguably the fourth. was a much closer fight then people are thinking. the bias announcers and crowd going crazy everytime manny throw punches and missed hitting the air.
fortunetly two judges saw the action correctly and all the bandwagon people (who also hate floyd), can shut up and take the loss.

jesus christ i wasnt this upset about nick diaz being robbed with carlos condit... that fight wasnt even as close as pac/bradley.
pac did nothing to win the fight and people saying he only lost two rounds dont know anything about the sport.

you guys do realize that you would have scored all of ali's fights as losses? a fighter using proper head movement and footwork making pac throw punches and hit NOTHING is the winner.
nobody respects technique, you guys just want a ****ty brawl. no wonder you guys hate floyd so much...

867 days ago


I gave boxing one last time, and now they proved why I will NEVER even waste my time or money on such. UFC has and will dominate!!

867 days ago


I wouldn't doubt it. A lot of big fights in the boxing world, and the UFC tend to be fix. Especially matches like this, to get the hype, which judging by the comment, they got, so whatever to this.

I'm not a huge boxing fan like I use to be. I just usually wait until the matches hit online to watch. I'm getting the same way with the UFC to. It's just too much BS on all sides. The only way you'll get a fair shake, is knock the mofo OUT! Which you don't see often in the lightweight division.

867 days ago


There is no doubt the fight was fixed. Pacquiao, if he "won", would have no one to fight after this match. Cotto - no, Margarito - retired. There was a rematch already under contract, but only mandatory if Bradley won - which he did. Pac Man won every round, except, maybe, for one. Bradley, after the fight, even told Arum that he lost and said he would watch the fight to see who actually won the fight - he knew he lost. It is very sad to see boxing officially dead over a fix and greed. There should be a full investigation resulting with Arum arrested for fraud and bribery of the judges.

867 days ago


In over 50 years of watching pro fights, this one was an obvious judges payoff as I have ever seen. Whoever paid those judges made all of it back and a lot more at some sports book. Boxing has always had its fixes, but this one was over the top.

867 days ago


Vegas should never be allowed to host another title fight! This wasn't the first time this has happened, but it is the worst I've ever seen.

867 days ago
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