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Whitney Houston's Family


Whitney's Death For Cash

6/10/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's mom is pulling a Joe Jackson -- cashing in on her child's tragic death ... that's what some family members think of Cissy Houston's plans to write a tell-all book.

Sources close to the Houston family tell TMZ ... Cissy's new publishing deal with Harper-Collins for a memoir is merely a lame attempt to make money -- since Whitney left everything to Bobbi Kristina -- and not at all about honoring the late singer.

One source said the book -- which is slated for release next year -- could also be a PR move for Cissy, claiming ... "She will try to come out looking like the world's greatest mom, when in actuality, she wasn't."


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robert xtravaganza    

people if you realy knew how you sound with all that bull **** that yall say it wrong it goes to show what you realy think about your self

832 days ago

robert xtravaganza    

i wonder what people are going to say when i say what was realy was ****ing with whitney 2 month before she died we had talk for about a hour or so she not hear to talk for her self but i am

832 days ago


You all say some mean things on herer about her mother. Give her the respect she deserves you may disagree with her parenting style raising children is hard in a world where everything is at their finger tips. Especially if they have money. Cissy has a right to honor her daughter anyway she wants to. I guess she carried her for lets say 9 MONTHS, and had the biggest public shock of her life leave Cissy ALONE She allowed you to take part in the services via TV because none of you including myself received a personal invitation. You should be thankful. We were allowed to pay our respect. No anoint of money can replace the heartache of losing a child especially the way she did.

824 days ago


I for one would love to hear what Cissy has to say. Whitney Houston had the best voice in the world in her prime. I want to know WHAT HAPPENED besides the obvious and if anyone tried to hep Whitney. I know you have to help yourself when you are doing drugs but. I hope the book comes out soon. RIP Whitney. everybody knows somebody with drug issues or SOMETHING.

813 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

I believe it is more to Whitney's death than meets the eye. It is strange to me that Brady was selected to sing her songs last night. When in reality Brady did not care for Whitney. She also, made the statement the night Whitney died with Clive Davis that she would like to play Whitney in a movie. Then she shows up singing Whit's song at the BET Awards last night.

Then her brother; writes a song for her. I say it is all about the $$$$ signs now. If you notice Bobby Christina was not there. It really does not look good.

812 days ago

cherie mckinney    

Why shouldnt she make money off her daughter's death. If she is in need of money i think it would be crazy not to make money i mean if there is a way to make money then by all means I don't blame Cissy or any one in the Jackson clan.

806 days ago

Barbara Monahan    

TMZ is trash and you guys don't know anything about Cissy and Whitney's relationship! Research you stuff like you should instead you print and say garbage.Leave Cissy and her family alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

783 days ago

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748 days ago


I see nothing wrong with mom benefiting from her daughters death.i wish she had sold the casket photo and got that money, nothing wrong with mom writing a book a profiting.but bobby brown and her daughter knew her best.there books would be the most telling if they told there story.but if whitney wanted people to really know her she would have told her own story.i think her last movie was some of her story.whitney wanted to live her life the way she did and her money lasted her as long as she lived.she didnt need to leave millions behind for family to fight over, might not have always made the best decisions but she did it her appears the addictions blinded her to whom she really was an pop icon.regardless we will still always love whitney she was our sister and we will always love her.inspite of as she said at the bet honors, she just wanted to be loved.

273 days ago
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