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Lindsay Lohan Car Crash

Truck Driver Lawyers Up

6/11/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_lilo_truck_driver_getty_tmzThe truck driver on the receiving end of Lindsay Lohan's Porsche has already lawyered up, TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with truck driver James, who tells us he was injured in the crash, and apparently wants money for his pain and troubles ... thus the reason for a lawyer.

James says he saw a doctor Sunday, despite previously telling us he felt fine.  He would not describe the nature of his injuries, on the advice of his hired gun.

TMZ broke the car crash story, and then the plot thickened when James told TMZ ... after the accident Lindsay's assistant removed a mysterious pink bag from the Porsche and asked him not to mention it to the media. He says Lindsay's people asked him to settle up on the spot, but he declined.



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TMZ going to trash this guy too. Thing is, he's small potatoes this time. The trucking company is going to go after the entire Liz & Dick production for all damages -- that's aside from whatever the Porsche rental company goes after and then what this guy individually sues for.

802 days ago

Big D    

What a surprise, the driver got a lawyer. This is what Car Insurance is for, just another tool trying to cash in. You know damn well he didn't get hurt, he probably didn't even know he was hit by a car until someone told him.

802 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Now he feels pain AFTER he trashed Lindsay to TMZ when the cops already said no one was impaired and didn't give any other details.

802 days ago


who ever thinks theres no injuries this is from her passenger (who the fck would ride with her???)
Gavin Doyle‏@SaveTheSociety

You can change my gauze ;D RT @TheMiszuk: @SaveTheSociety @lindsaylohan do you need me to come over and sponge bathe you? Love you Gavin!

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802 days ago


Yes we know " another tool trying for his 15 minutes. YADA YADA YADA" yes Lohan Inc we've heard it all 4 times since January of this year....Always somebody trying to make a dollar off of LIndsay Lohan stupid careless actions...

802 days ago


Sometimes injuries can have a delayed onset. Also, it's a smart move for him to get a lawyer considering the situation he found himself in last week regardless of any injuries he may have sustained. Blohan would probably try to sue him for being in her way because that's the kind of person she is.

802 days ago


Please!! he didn't "get" a lawyer. Some ambulance chaser leeched on to him, and dazzled him with $$ and the cautionary move to preempt Lohan suing him. This is Hollywood and litigation is just a way of life!! But someone has to get Lohan off the road!

802 days ago


It's funny how EVERYONE for years that Lindsay has ever hurt in some way just ALWAYS so happens to be a complete vindictive lie teller just after a payout. What a big f*cking coincidence. NONE of them EVER concur with a single word Lindsay has to say, even though believe it or not there are many normal honest people out there who have no interest in hollywood fame or wrangling money out of a stranger, they are basically just going about their own business.

802 days ago


I couldn't have said this any better. And that wasn't a light tap on the back of his bumper, either. He probably has whiplash.

802 days ago


It's easy to tell when LiLo is lying. All she has to do is open her mouth.

I don't blame him for getting a lawyer either. It may come in handy soon. If he knows LiLo well, then he knows that she likes to put blame on everyone else but herself.

802 days ago

Billy Reynolds    

Lawyered up for WHAT?! He was in an f'n truck, she was in a car. Is he gonna try to claim that a car rear ending a truck gave him whiplash? I'm surprised he even noticed the crash. His (or more likely her) insurance will pay for the damage, so WTF does he need a lawyer for?! Jesus, the US is a money grabbing cesspool now.

802 days ago


Lil LO is a mysterious pink douche-bag ran off from the Porsche !

802 days ago


OMG James the truck driver is badly injured. A few days back, right after the accident looked alive and kicking but by now hes half dead.
Probably sustained those injuries between two TMZ interviews.

802 days ago


What a **** backwards country you live in, people always looking for that quick buck, where you can sue practically anyone for anything at anytime.

Do these people have no shame, is this the only legit way to make a buck in the US. To extort people and walk away Scott free,

If I lived down there I would be scared ****less at all times, either I step on some jerks sneaker and he sues me for all I have or he displays his right to have a weapon and ends me there. I fear for you all

802 days ago


Lindsay Lohan crashed near Perry's cafe on PCH

802 days ago
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