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Lindsay Lohan

Lied to Cops

6/11/2012 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan lied to cops Friday by telling them she was NOT driving the Porsche that slammed into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway, and as a result she could be prosecuted and her probation could be revoked.

Our sources say, when Lindsay was in the hospital getting checked out after the accident, cops from the Santa Monica Police Dept. paid a visit.  Lindsay told police she was a passenger in the Porsche and her assistant was driving.   But the lie didn't stick because later Lindsay's assistant told police Lindsay was behind the wheel.

We're told police are writing up a report that will include Lindsay's lie.  It's a crime to provide false info to a police officer.  In addition, lying to police could trigger a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which means she faces the possibility of jail on 2 fronts.

Several eyewitnesses at the scene tell TMZ, after the crash Lindsay and her assistant both got out of the car on the passenger side, which means Lindsay had to climb over the console.  It appears Lindsay had concocted the lie almost immediately after impact.

Now we know why Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley (above) was rushing to the hospital. She knew police were interviewing her client. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Holley got there a little too late.

1:59 PM PDT -- Lindsay doesn't appear too concerned about her situation ... she went back to work on the set of her Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" earlier this morning looking cool, calm and collected.

Lindsay arrived on set in a black SUV ... and it's worth noting she got out of the PASSENGER side.



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According to Yahoo! News the budget on Lindsay 's new movie is $100,000 . But as of May 4th. they only raised $5500. Sounds like a quality porn shoot to me!

841 days ago


It's smokey here from the fire. Can't even walk outside without a mask.

841 days ago


The girl is cursed.... no one can disprove that ! lol

841 days ago


Oh, and Nikki, I answered you on the Greta threat. I hope you're doing well.

841 days ago


Al the money that L.L. makes should go to her Lawyer... then her lawyer pays L.L. what ever is left over from her tab...

841 days ago


Rest assured everyone, Lindsay just hired Amanda Bynes as her personal chauffeur and to assist her with everyday needs.

841 days ago


Just read At the top of the article, there's a pic of LL. Who does this girls makeup? A mortician? Ugh!

841 days ago


Lindsay is so stupid........that if you told her to go dumpster diving she would bring a mask and air tanks

Lindsay's so dumb......Gavin told her Christmas was right around the corner.........and she went.

Lindsay's so dumb.......she tripped over a cordless phone. (or too wasted)

Lindsay's so dumb.......Let's leave it at that.

841 days ago


Hahahaha ! The money Lindsay makes from Lifetime is going straight into Shawns pocket.....Bwhahahhaha!

841 days ago


WHAT?? Honig isnt running his big mouth...Thats not a good sign for Lohan..

Lindsay Lohan lied to cops about her car crash: Report

Photo credit: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan may be facing jail yet again.

LiLo allegedly lied to Santa Monica police after her car crash last Friday, telling officers that her assistant was driving Lohan's Porsche when it slammed into the back of a truck, but the assistant said Lohan was driving, according to

Police are including the alleged Lohan lie in an official report, the gossip website reported. If it turns out that Lohan lied, her informal probation may be revoked and she could potentially face a jail sentence. Her probation, which only mandates that she follow all laws for the two and a half years, stems from her necklace-shoplifting case.

The crash, in which Lohan's Porsche slammed into the back of a dump truck while she was on her way to the set of her film "Liz & Dick," is still under investigation, but Lohan is reportedly blaming fault brakes.

Lohan, 26, is forging ahead with a comeback after a seemingly endless string of legal and personal troubles since 2007, including stints in jail, rehab and court. She was released in March from almost five years of formal probation stemming from a 2007 drunken driving and cocaine possession arrest.

She is currently playing late screen legend Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime TV movie "Liz & Dick," based on Taylor's love affair with actor Richard Burton.

Lohan's rep declined to comment on the report.

841 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Well, it looks like Lindsay is finally going into the career that Dina has groomed her for.
> > > A little taste from the article:
Bret Easton Ellis, the author of Less Than Zero and American Psycho, has been trying to work with James Deen for a while and for obvious reasons. I mean, James Deen has 9-inch peen. What's not to love? Bret and James will finally work together in a movie the former wrote called The Canyons. After raising money on Kickstarter, The Canyons now has a start date, a director (see: Paul Schrader, the director of American Gigolo) and its cast is coming together. Once stunt car driver LiLo finishes crackifying the image of Elizabeth Taylor in that Liz & Dick train wreck, she'll start shooting The Canyons on July 9th in L.A. The Canyons will be shot digitally and will probably be released on NetFlix (I didn't make that up). The Canyons' Kickstarter page describes the movie like this and yes, it's like nothing Bret Easton Ellis has ever written before!!!!!!:
> > > That's right folks, Lohan's next cinema triumph is being funded by KICKSTARTER !!!!!!
> The also somehow manage to get the Geico Pig into this story. Personally, I feel that any casting of Lindsay Lohan and the Geico Pig would be cinema Magic!

841 days ago

LA Native    

OK, I just had to laugh at a comment I just saw elsewhere....
"the dingo was driving!"

841 days ago


When Linds explodes awake later today, she's gonna be piiiiiiiiiiised. The replacement Porsche - a 2013 Limited Edition GT3RS (800hp) showed up last night. it's the wrong color. it doesn't match her barbecued-black scarecrow wig, and Linds will refuse to show up "on set" until it's painted to suit her. That will take 2 weeks, so the Lifetime last-gasp will just have to wait. Linds is the star, you know.

841 days ago


Lindsay worked out a new story with the help of Dina.
The truth now is, Lindsay was driving the dump truck when Gavin came out of nowhere and rammed her from behind.

841 days ago


Good Mornin All......Anything new?
I mean besides Lindsay lying...again.....hehehe!

841 days ago
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