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Lindsay Lohan

Lied to Cops

6/11/2012 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan lied to cops Friday by telling them she was NOT driving the Porsche that slammed into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway, and as a result she could be prosecuted and her probation could be revoked.

Our sources say, when Lindsay was in the hospital getting checked out after the accident, cops from the Santa Monica Police Dept. paid a visit.  Lindsay told police she was a passenger in the Porsche and her assistant was driving.   But the lie didn't stick because later Lindsay's assistant told police Lindsay was behind the wheel.

We're told police are writing up a report that will include Lindsay's lie.  It's a crime to provide false info to a police officer.  In addition, lying to police could trigger a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which means she faces the possibility of jail on 2 fronts.

Several eyewitnesses at the scene tell TMZ, after the crash Lindsay and her assistant both got out of the car on the passenger side, which means Lindsay had to climb over the console.  It appears Lindsay had concocted the lie almost immediately after impact.

Now we know why Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley (above) was rushing to the hospital. She knew police were interviewing her client. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Holley got there a little too late.

1:59 PM PDT -- Lindsay doesn't appear too concerned about her situation ... she went back to work on the set of her Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" earlier this morning looking cool, calm and collected.

Lindsay arrived on set in a black SUV ... and it's worth noting she got out of the PASSENGER side.



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Why does this broad have to make everything so complicated? Even I understand that smashing a rented Porsche into a big truck is not popular, but it is perfectly legal. That's why we have insurance. But nooooo...this broad has to make everything she does interesting...

862 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh man, I can't contain myself.

862 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> Really people, just look at my Avatar on the left. Does that look like a 25 year old movie star who would lie to the police?
> No you're right, it looks like Ruplestiltskin's 70 year old Mother, RumpleForeSkin. And she would lie her A$$ off for fun let alone to try to escape from a crime.
> She wasn't driving, the truck cut her off, the brakes didn't work, She wasn't at the bar that night, She didn't throw that drink, She didn't steal that jewelry, she didn't sneak out from the rehab place, She didn't steal that mink coat. My God, what else hasn't she done?
> There's a bunch of Lohan sycophants that come around here, extolling the virtues of their Goddess. Well you Goddess is a fraud, an alcoholic, me first, denier who really care nothing b utherself
> Think for a minute about her and her enablers - they are more than willing to destroy the life of some random guy who just happened to be going about his life, doing his job - just a guy driving a truck. They will do everything possible to get Lohan off, and if his life is ruined, well I guess that's too bad.
> You spin lies about this man, make up stuff to suit the needs of your posts. Remember, he's a human being who has done nothing wrong, a guy who plays by the rules, and here he is spending money he probably doesn't have on a lawyer. He's getting the shaft cause this hag doesn't give a rats A$$ about anyone.
> It's all Lindsay all the time. Now she'll say the cops are out to get her and she didn't really mean what she said. IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY TO FRAME THIS POOR GIRL. They are all out to get this poor wretched girl who never did anything to anyone. Well, except for the lying, cheating, stealing and all the rest.
>Do the right thing for once Lohan, tell the truth and take the consequences. You might actually find out that people will think better of you, that they'll respect you. It might just be your way back to being human again.

862 days ago


Query- if her driving is against the terms of the insurance policy- could the insurance policy be voided?

862 days ago


Friggin moron. In her own words she said she was driving. I never doubted the truck driver for 1 second.

Lohan is so screwed. See Lifetime that didn't take long at all the shoot wasnt even a week old. Cut your losses now it's only going to get worse.

Hey Lohan kiss any of trying to re-start your career. You are so done.

862 days ago


She'll get another pass. she'll spend 3 stressful hours in jail... and it will be all behind her... AGAIN. I'm so sick of the Hollywood double standard. having family in law enforcement... I've seen people have the book thrown at them for the exact same violation while on probation.

862 days ago


I'd hit it.

862 days ago

Who Knew    

She is guilty again of lying to the police and if us common folk did all she has we would be in jail. Unfortunitly she'll get the key to the city for this. :{

862 days ago


Wow!!!! I mean WOW! Her last chance for a comeback turned into the last nail of her career's coffin... RIP

862 days ago



862 days ago


How you can trash your life in 2 weeks!

862 days ago


Note to Liz and Dick producers: This is why you dont cast a known crack head to be the star of your film. Actually casting Lindsay as waitress number 3 is too much of a risk right now. She can kiss whatever crack scraps she had left of a career good bye.

862 days ago


FVCKING hilarious. I am so proud of the assistant. ROFLMAO

862 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh Red Snout... come out come out and play Chief Buffy Boo Boo!

862 days ago


No she lied!! No way not poor poor pitiful me!!! Of course she lied she is a dumb bitch that thinks everyone is as dumb as she is! I'll bet all the money in the world that she will not get jail time

862 days ago
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