Jeff Goldblum Stalker FLIPS OUT in Court

6/12/2012 10:15 AM PDT

Jeff Goldblum -- Stalker FLIPS OUT in Court

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Jeff Goldblum
's stalker got ripped a new one today in court -- after going on a paranoid, rambling tirade -- just before the judge ORDERED her to stay away from the actor for the next 3 years.

As we previously reported, Goldblum obtained a temporary restraining order against Linda Ransom -- after Goldblum claimed she constantly followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited, and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in NYC and L.A.

Ransom was back in L.A. court today representing herself -- but completely lost her composure when trying to argue her case, demanding to know the names of Goldblum's attorneys, rambling on about needing legal advice, and speaking over the judge.

Ransom acted disturbed and paranoid -- and the judge silenced her, saying, "Ma'am, you're acting irrationally."

The judge then made Goldblum's restraining order permanent, requiring Ransom to stay 100 yards away from him for 3 years.

There's an old adage in the law -- when you're ahead, say nothing.  Goldblum's lawyer, Blair Berk, didn't utter a word.  It seems Ransom did the talking for her.