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Jeff Goldblum

Stalker FLIPS OUT in Court

6/12/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jeff Goldblum
's stalker got ripped a new one today in court -- after going on a paranoid, rambling tirade -- just before the judge ORDERED her to stay away from the actor for the next 3 years.

As we previously reported, Goldblum obtained a temporary restraining order against Linda Ransom -- after Goldblum claimed she constantly followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited, and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in NYC and L.A.

Ransom was back in L.A. court today representing herself -- but completely lost her composure when trying to argue her case, demanding to know the names of Goldblum's attorneys, rambling on about needing legal advice, and speaking over the judge.

Ransom acted disturbed and paranoid -- and the judge silenced her, saying, "Ma'am, you're acting irrationally."

The judge then made Goldblum's restraining order permanent, requiring Ransom to stay 100 yards away from him for 3 years.

There's an old adage in the law -- when you're ahead, say nothing.  Goldblum's lawyer, Blair Berk, didn't utter a word.  It seems Ransom did the talking for her.


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bring back recent posts    

,,odd law for someone who is clearly obsessed...just how does he stay safe???????????????

866 days ago


Dude better tighten up his security and put some extra barbed wire on his fence tops.
Need to watch Jurassic Park again, hope Amazon has it on Instant vid.

866 days ago


Wow she sounds like a piece of work. Glad the courts finally did something before Jeff found a bunny on the stove. Glad he is okay and hopefully she will get the help she needs in those 3 years so they wont have to do this again.

866 days ago


Jeff Goldblum has a stalker, this is really funny too me!

866 days ago

Big D    

This woman has to be crazy. She could come up with anybody better than Jeff Goldblum. He's not even a good actor.

866 days ago


Who in the fk stalks someone as irrelevent as Jeff Goldblum??? The fact that he is the focus of her obsession is proof something is wrong with her.

866 days ago


She just needs a little bit of love. That's all.

866 days ago


"The judge then made Goldblum's restraining order permanent, requiring Ransom to stay 100 yards away from him for 3 years"......I thought permanent meant forever, not just 3 years.

866 days ago


What a crazy nut job!

866 days ago


And Jeff is losing maybe his only fan! That's sad.

866 days ago


Well thank God for that judge telling her to stay away from him for three years. I'm sure her crazy a55 will certainly abide.

866 days ago


Always nice when you don't have to prove to the judge that your stalker is crazy.

866 days ago

Mary Jones    

I went to see Jeff Golblum in 2008 in Beverly Hills when he played the piano. I hope I am not a stalker.

866 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

And in other news Jeff Goldblum is still around doing - what - exactly?

865 days ago


Stalkers mean people with no lives trying to live someone else's. Or, just another crack pot who should be barred from watching all, tv, films, video, etc like convicted hackers can't use computers.

864 days ago

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