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It's Nippy Out in New York!

6/12/2012 3:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0612_rihanna_shirt_boobs_starsAs if she couldn't be any more overexposed, pop diva Rihanna decided to let it all hang out and roamed the streets of New York City in some sort of a see-through, pink, lacy, strapless bra top thing on Monday afternoon.

The 24-year-old "Birthday Cake" singer kept the wardrobe malfunction sexy lingerie as outerwear theme and even rocked what appears to be some sort of ruffled slip as a skirt.

When you're as cool as RiRi, anywhere can be a Victoria's Secret runway.


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I have nothing against her but it seems like she must be bored or maybe this is just what she felt like wearing that day.

833 days ago

Jay W.     

Would love to stuff her... though she was horrible in Battleship.

833 days ago


I think she figures if everyone is staring at her tts no one will be looking at that forehead of hers

833 days ago


I seriously think this chick has fallen off her rocker..she needs some "lindsay lohan therapy".

833 days ago


She looks like a hooker.

833 days ago



833 days ago


thug with tits, ugh!

833 days ago


so much money. No class.

833 days ago


so funny that the smallest hint of nipple is censored...

833 days ago


She's now relying more on shock value and exhibitionism since the latest songs she's churning out are no good. She's burned out at 24!

833 days ago


Who cares about this talentless whore anyways? If you have to walk around NYC with a sheer top, then you really have nothing else goin' on.

833 days ago


I love attention just as much as the next chick but SHEESH RIRI!! Atleast leave the areolas to the imagination....smh

833 days ago


When your career is over and you really suck, show your nipples. That will do it every time. Rhinna, Kim car-A$sian, Madonna, Snickers (I mean Snookey). The list goes on and on.

833 days ago

BB not bb    

Since when are womn's nipples obscene? She has enough clothes on. I don't think that is lingerie and a slip either because the skirt has a slip already under the top piece and it is a matching set. It is just some different kind of fashion. You are supposed to be able to see things like that, espeically in NYC. People are very obsessed with how others dress. Maybe they should mind their own business and a get a life.

It doesn't mean you want attention if you dress in light clothing. It gets very hot and humid in NYC and this is a way to feel comfortable. The subways get so hot that they have to reroute commuters to keep them safe from passing out.

How is it you can see all the nipples you want on men but on women, even through a shirt people throw a fit and make it out like the woman is a whore or some despicable person? How shallow an arbitrary can you get?

833 days ago

BB not bb

Here is the uncencsored picture from the Daily News. I don't think it is that big of a deal. The bars on the picture make it seem like much more than it is. You don't have to look if you can't stand the sight of a nipple or if it makes you so arroused that you have no self control. I don't know what is wrong with people any more. It seems a woman has to act like she really has no breasts to be considered decent. They are forbidden to move, to have nipples or have a natural shape discernable through clothing. All breasts must be encased in hard shells to prevent all movement, visibility and uniqueness. They are not allowed to be take out to nurse children in public without people throwing fits. Are nursing mothers seeking attention and acting like whores also? Maybe the are just trying to feed their kids in the best way possible.

This is oppression and discrimination agaisnt women. It is also true that in NYC parks at least, women have the legal right to be completely topless if they want. I have never seen this happen, but it is offically allowed.

833 days ago
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