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Edward Furlong

Fit to Drive?

6/13/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Let's play "VIRTUAL VALET" -- you're in charge of the cars at the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood ... and just before midnight last night, troubled "Terminator 2" star Edward Furlong stumbles out of the hotel to pick up his ride (watch the clip).

Then, he asks you for the keys ... and you ...


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It's very clear to me that he's researching a roll as Charlie Sheen from 2 years ago. Almost spot-on too.

800 days ago


The T1000 doesn't like impaired driving:

(That's Edward as a kid in one of the best chase scenes ever filmed, with Robert Patrick and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

800 days ago


Are they a valet or nanny?

800 days ago


He looks like a mini Charlie Sheen lol

800 days ago

Kris in NYC    

the valet has the keys. It really should be part of the job description - just like a key master at parties...

800 days ago


I think I see Lindsey Lohan's pink bag in the back

800 days ago


I have no idea who he is, but I thought that was k.d. lang.

800 days ago


Hand over the keys. This is Ed Furlong we're talking about. Let's be rid of him. lol

799 days ago


I like how he "bumps" into his car before getting in.

He was trying hard to walk straight. It's easy to miss

if you're not looking for it.

799 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i didn't really notice anything different about him. Everytime i see him, even in movies, he looks and talks like he's wasted.

Also, people that are getting on the vallet... how about the 10 guys standing there taking pictures with cameras? If the vallet has a responsibility as a human being shouldn't they? But they'd rather have him get in the car, get in an accident or pulled over because then they get another story out of it.

799 days ago


In that clip? Not enough interaction to make a determination. What's his crime? Talking like an idiot? Bumping into the car? Did he smell of alcohol? Can't tell, and the valet didn't exchange words with him, didn't get all that close to him, so it's unlikely he could make that determination either.

If the valets have not had training in recognizing the signs of excessive intoxication then they could be liable for several legal issues, including, depending on state law, withholding a person's private property (in plain language, theft of property). Some states protect you for playing keep-away with someone else's car keys if you think they shouldn't be driving, some do not.

799 days ago


are you f*king kidding me?! EVERY SINGLE PERSON who let that guy get behind the wheel took on the responsibility for the consequences. luckily, i'm guessing nothing came of it. how f*ked up would u feel if u were one of those a$$holes who let him leave?! WHY DOES NO ONE TAKE DRUNK DRIVING SERIOUSLY?! IT ACTUALLY KILLS PEOPLE EVERY F*KING DAY!! this is a no brainer people. i seriously don't get it at all. u see someone getting into a vehicle drunk - u stop them - period. there's no other alternative. there's no question. if u cant stop the person urself, u call the police. enough of this sh!t.

799 days ago


I work at a club in Hollywood. With the amount of people in and out of there and how quickly valet has to move, it wouldn't even be possible for them to drunk test everyone. Also, he doesn't look wasted. He had cameras in his face, flashbulbs going off and people talking to him. You try handling that without stumbling!
After many alcohol awareness classes, I know for a fact, that if a person gets involved in an accident due to over consumption, the blame will fall on the bartender and the establishment that served them. The valet would be in the clear, it's the bartender or servers job to call a cab and make sure everyone gets home ok. I once wrestled keys out of a woman's hands after she came behind my bar and tried to pour her own beer for the road. Clearly she wasn't thinking straight. She told me she was a wealthy producer and I told her to screw off, she wasn't driving. She was escorted out by security and placed in a cab with only her house keys.

799 days ago


Yeah, I call Shena****ns on everyone here calling out the valet for not taking away Edward's keys. Half of you are liars who wouldn't do it if you worked this job at this hotel (at least not after your new boss got done explaining how you were and weren't supposed to behave towards Château Marmont guests), and the other half of you would be unemployed before the first night was out.

799 days ago


He always looks wasted...kind of looks like a young Eddie VanHalen...who also always looks wasted.

799 days ago
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