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Chris Brown/Drake Fight

Who's the Bad Guy?

6/18/2012 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_chris_brown_drake_tmz_gettyThe Chris Brown/Drake violent bar fight has polarized TMZ users. So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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You have to be fair. Chris Brown tried his best to make nice with this guy.

Drake incited this and the bottle throwing came from his entourage. At least 2 women were hit straight in the head with bottles and will need plastic surgery.

857 days ago


I'm compelled by the results of these polls and realize that TMZ is filled with a bunch of racist. Why are white people so racist? You're saying these bad things because it's fun to make black people look bad. I can't wait till white people are the minority. This is our country now. You can shelter behind the internet all you want, but eventually you'll have to come out.

857 days ago


I really hate Chris Brown. He's such a low-life, sorry excuse for a human being. And Rihanna is no better. I wish she would disappear.

857 days ago


Rihanna is such a nasty, herpes-infested slut with an over-inflated ego. Her and Chris Brown need to move to a remote island together, and have at it.

857 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Jay Leno said it best on this one- "If you haven't bought your Father's Day gift, you're running out of time.You gotta have a bottle of your dad's favorite booze thrown at him by Chris Brown and Drake, Do you know about this ? The NYPD is looking into a bloody bar fight between the two rappers. Several people were sent to the emergency room. Chris Brown learned an important lesson from the brawl, men actually fight back."

857 days ago


Who the hell are they? Wait, isn't one's claim to fame beating up his girlfriend? In front of paparrazi no less!!! agreed ted, all trash

856 days ago


11% of those that voted said they WOULD date Chris Brown...OMG what kind of losers did their parents raise.

856 days ago


I'd rather watch these two douche bags fight than listen to them sing! So put em' in a ring somewhere and let them fight it out! "May the best douche win"

856 days ago


Everyone that was there knows that Chris Brown did absolutely nothing wrong....

856 days ago

sam o.    

Where is the "who gives a s%^& about either of these idiots" button. Proof that money can"t buy class.

856 days ago


*****s be'n *****s

856 days ago


Drake has been hanging out with too many rappers and must think he is some thug but he's just a wanna-be. Rhianna is a whore and she's gross! The brawl was uncalled for... As for Chris; he's not a women beater, he made a mistake and has paid his debt to society. Why do ppl continue to hold it against him, he's not a bad person and is very talaneted - no auto-tune unlike Drake (a broken record)!!
Drake is no match for Chris; he's pure muscle and will kick Drake's ass anyday - no crew needed.
Meek Mill - f off!!

856 days ago


If anything the polls and the questions posted in them are leading and could be seen as defamation to Chris Brown, once the facts of this case are revealed. Christian Bale beat his mother and his wife. On multiple occasions. TMZ did not post polls calling into question his morality. Plus, Mr. Bale is a seasoned grown man. Stop bullying young African Americans on your website. If Mr. Levin were a lawyer worth his salt, he'd read his page and note the startling amount of racist undertones in various articles, especially the using of "ghetto speak" when referring to African American individuals. As a Caucasian female, I understand why people boycott your site. It lacks all journalistic and moral integrity.

856 days ago


Hard to choose between MORON A or MORON B....I'll choose MORON decide which MORON to list as A or B...

856 days ago


TMZ should add the following question: "Is Rihanna a total whore?" 100% Yes and 0% No. 10,000,000 votes.

856 days ago
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