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Octomom Strip Club

Threatens to SUE

Over Canceled Gig

6/17/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BETTER shake her lady bits at a Florida strip club next month ... or she'll get hit with a nasty lawsuit she can't afford -- so says the Florida strip club.

TMZ broke the story ... Nadya Suleman was scheduled to go topless July 11-14 at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL -- but she pulled out earlier this month because one of the strip club's employees bashed her on TV ... calling Nadya "a little crazy."

But T's Lounge isn't taking no for an answer -- and now, a lawyer for the club has fired a letter off to Octo's camp, claiming Nadya failed to give the club written notice of her cancellation, so if she doesn't perform as scheduled ... the club will sue.

For her part, Octo's rep tells TMZ, T's Lounge can go pound sand -- saying, "Nadya will not be appearing at this club in July or in the future."

The rep adds, "Nadya felt defamed and was in fear for her life to step into a club where they have already set a negative tone."

Nadya has retained an attorney to go after the club for defamation.


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stop saying where you will be and maybe you can strip with all the attention and only do it for 1 night cuz news flies

836 days ago


Sue for what? She has nothing. If she had anything she wouldn't be stripping for a living. Very stupid.

836 days ago


A contract is a contract period. It is a legally binding agreement. But wait, she doesn't Understand the meaning of the word. Just ask the bank on the house she doesn't pay. Or the Dr she promised to do selective reduction with. She has never nor will ever keep her word.
And how does a welfare recipient keep a manager, lawyer, a corporation, babysitters for days and days while she flies all over the country?

836 days ago


LOOOL her porno whore manager Gina should have taken some of her anal money and went to law school to learn the order to prove defamation, Nady-ho will have to prove injury to her character...she's already seen as looney tunes...calling her a "little crazy" doesn't hurt the fact that she lives in a house that looks like a crack den, lets her kids poop outside, goes on talk shows acting like she's tweaking, and has plastic surgery that makes her look like the freeze dried version of a drag queen dressed as Angelina Jolie. No. Octo and Gina? Try again, failures.

836 days ago


first off, is this a james bond movie spin off?? she is the ligit "octo*****" less streching that way.

836 days ago


why doesn't angie and brad adopt this family finacially? why doesn't clooney, or leno or one of the other talk shows have her do 'ross' like appearances for a few grand a month. she is a good sport.

836 days ago


the strip club shouldn't have allowed its employees to bad mouth Octo. she is a very famous woman, but poor and vunerable. she rightly would not feel safe with the club promoting her in a negative or mocking light, they should have made her feel protected and welcome.

836 days ago


Nadya, you better get in the spirit sister. I don't think you can be missing any checks. You better go and go to work. Puleeze, like you can pay for a lawsuit.

836 days ago


its obvious Nadya has a lot of issues and to all those people telling other people to "give her a break", "she is just trying to support her kids"
if you can't support your kids, then don't have kids, she already had 6 before she had the other 8 and was already on welfare and having a hard time making ends meet, so why would anyone in their right mind would just keep popping out kids if they can't provide for them? she was the one who made the choice to have a lot of kids and now she is so desperate that she is basicly selling her body to make money and expecting free hand outs, she needs to get some help because its clear as day that she is not all there, its not like i wish anything bad on her or anything, I just really think she has a lot of screws loose and should seek professional help or something, not to mention a few of her older kids have problems like ADD, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, its sad for the kids sake for the most part, I would hate to grow up with 13 siblings and have a mother who's mind is on another planet.

836 days ago


Hey OctoSlut that is what happens when you work in the sex industry. Will your pimps keep you safe when you have th go walk the streets for money.

836 days ago

ex lax    

solo paid off

835 days ago


On OctoSluts witness list her one and only fan and First client Mike Walters From TMZ.

835 days ago


She's so full of sh*t, no wonder her eyes are brown.

835 days ago


Just one mess after another, just remove yourself from the public eye and live in peace with your children.

835 days ago


hahahaha stupid bitch. Get up there and take a look at your pathetic life and shake your ass, just like you wanted.

835 days ago
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