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Rodney King Death

Cops Believe Fiancee

6/18/2012 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0618_rodney_king_Cynthia_Kelley_tmzPolice do NOT believe Rodney King's fiancee is hiding information about his death.

Law enforcement sources at the Rialto PD tell TMZ ... they've concluded Cynthia Kelley has been "cooperative and forthright" in her account of the events leading up to Rodney King's death.

As TMZ reported, several of King's friends tell us Kelley changed her story several times -- that she heard Rodney banging on the window at around 5 AM Sunday and then heard him fall in the pool.  The 2 friends spoke with cops, expressing doubt about her story.

Our law enforcement sources say they have no reason to question Kelley's honesty.  As one law enforcement source said, "People in the neighborhood are just speculating."

Our sources say as of now, this is still being investigated as an accidental death with no foul play.  There are no suspects or people of interest.


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Somehow I don't think the cops are going to be too concerned how this piece of crap met his well deserved end.

858 days ago


Something about him beating on the doors and her not letting him in was odd...

858 days ago


think you are right - they aren't gonna investigate

858 days ago


Note to self. If you are goign to be involved with someone, make sue they are willing to move heaven and earth to help you out of any situation.

Same thing happen to Gary Colman. He wife did not lift a finger to help him while he died on the floor.

Your mate should be your equal! There should be a plan in place for emergencies like this.

858 days ago


The COPS will be blamed. They will claim another cover-up. Al and Jesse should be there within 24

858 days ago

Paul Z    

Lets not idolize this drunk.

858 days ago

She's baaaack    

Why is everybody calling this POS "Rot-Knee" King? Can you stupid asses not pronounce the letter D?

858 days ago


and the cops are always right... lol

858 days ago


Ok great. Now bury him and STFU about him.

858 days ago

BB not bb    

I'll take the cops verdict with a grain of salt considering how they treated him in the past. He is no PBA poster boy, that is for sure. I think they probably are thinking good riddance and don't want to go out of their way to look for foul play.

I'm not saying all cops are dirty, but they do stick together. Serpico is still hiding in France with alot to say and no one really paying attention.

They may not have evidence of her doing anything, but this is pretty weird. Why did she leave a drunken and hysterically crying man locked out of his own house in the middle of the night? It sounds like a bad fight went down to me. It sounds like she was making him suffer, but to what extent it led to the drowning is not clear.

858 days ago


I would normally think the cops just don't care in this case. It is hard for cops to care about addicts considering they have to deal with them all day. But they know the public is watching.

The story doesn't make sense to me...but they must know things that I don't obviously. Whether or not Rodney King annoyed them, they wouldn't purposly give the police department another hit I wouldn't think. You never know...maybe she wasn't sober herself when it happened and that is what the cops are taking into consideration. I'm sure they will let the public know their reasoning when all is said and done. Until then, who knows....

RIP Rodney

858 days ago


What a shame..Being a poor swimmer is no excuse to not at least try to save the man you plan on marrying! It sounds like he was motionless at the bottom of the pool. It would have been so easy for her to jump in and pull him to the shallow end. It is not a large pool,a weak swimmer could have easily brought him above water. If personal friends are questioning her story and neighbors are reporting hearing sobbing and Rodney was naked and screaming minutes before he allegedly fell in the pool then something bizarre was happening. If Cynthia saw him at the door as she states, why didn't she simply open the door instead of asking him whats wrong, and then go for a phone...Her actions are very questionable and her story is incomplete. The police need to investigate all the events that led up to Rodney allegedly falling in the pool.

858 days ago


she was a juror in his civil trial... check his insurance policy... wink wink nudge nudge

858 days ago


Ridiculous. I knew it would go down like this. Rodney and Gary Coleman will be swapping stories any day now...

858 days ago


Something just doesn't add up. If she was planning to marry the man she would have found a way to pull him out of the water whether she can swim or not. I'd be interested in seeing if an insurance policy was recently set up.

858 days ago
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