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Don Cheadle

L.A. is Still Recovering

from Rodney King Beating

6/18/2012 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The issue of race relations is the "biggest thing we have to deal with as a society in the United States and probably the world" ... so says Don Cheadle.

The Academy Award nominated actor -- who was named the U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador in 2010 -- was hangin' in L.A. this weekend when we asked about the impact Rodney King had on the city of L.A.

Cheadle believes King's legacy will be a "mixed bag" ... and says the infamous beating incident is "something we can hopefully reflect on and try to move past."

"I mean hopefully, we've gotten past that ... but still a lotta stuff to work out obviously."

TMZ broke the story ... King died this weekend at his home in Rialto, CA.


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Rodney King is an a$$hole.

821 days ago


Sad about Rodney King BUT he did get 3+ million dollars and still didn't do anything with his life. How come we never hear about the poor 33 year old white construction worker that was pulled from his car and beat unconscious and never recoved completely? Funny when it's a white person that is victmized it's nto a big issue!!!

821 days ago


african americans still carrying the chains... people has to move on, and do something with their lives, how many foreigners and whites get bitten everyday, and people recovers, are blacks who make anything that happens to them a way of life.

821 days ago

Delaware D    

Don Cheadle is cool. RIP Rodney. You are in heaven now, brother. Our "accidental history-maker" YOU will not be forgotten.

821 days ago


So I guess things like hunger, dirty water or no water, diseases, famine ... those things don't concern the U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador but alleged racism is the real issue for all countries. I have two things to tell Mr. Cheadle: please don't make anymore off the cuff comments when asked a question like this; you're obviously woefully unqualified to comment, AND get over the Rodney King beating. It was 20 years ago. We "dealt" with it and reflected on it when it happened and quite frankly, I think it was given more than the attention it deserved. Enough. Move on and use some of that "star" power and brain power to be the best Goodwill Ambassador you can be ... sans Einstein-esque comments like the ones above. Thank you!

821 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

wait til it comes out that there a white human ETs in fancy vehicles visiting earth and they don't want to work with black people because they don't trust them : )
if you think white boys have too much power now : )

821 days ago


as long as people like sharpton
and jesse jackson are still around
stiring the shiz. this will happen time and time again
the george zimmerman case will be a nightmare.
there will be riots in the streets if he is innocent.
and thats a shame if this happenes all over again.

821 days ago


As long as people keep using race as a crutch we cannot move beyond it. History and what hatred or injustice was done to others is not responsible for the choices I make today. Or anyone else's. We are accountable for our own actions, and thereby our own successes or failures. We should be focusing on viewing ourselves as one race, the human race. But there are those that will hang on and ride the train of past events as long as they are allowed. And that is the issue in this country - we are allowing it in the name of poitical correctness and culture. I'm sorry for Mr. King's passing, but it doesn't change how he lived his life. He was a criminal before the beating, had an opportunity to grown and change out of that suffering, and went back to being a criminal. And sadly, there are those that will blame his passing on the color of his skin and that beating. I hope he's resting in peace.

821 days ago


I'd say that is overstating it a bit. Race relations are important, but I'd rank overpopulation, famine, global warming, and government oppression (like in Syria) to be bigger issues.

821 days ago

Big D    

He was just another criminal

821 days ago

Don Martin    

Get over it already ! The cops out here beat the crap out of everybody and no matter what color you start out you end up black and blue.

821 days ago


As is Reginald Denny.

821 days ago


I like how people post things trying to get d.r.a.m.a (Dumb.Racist.Asking for.More.Attention)started. They know they wouldn't say that crap to somebody's face in real life cowards. RIP Rodney

821 days ago


Los Angeles never fully recovered. Until the police department addresses its issues, trouble remains. Until every one is guaranteed a stellar education, trouble remains.
Until every child is raised parents who have good moral character and values, trouble remains.

821 days ago


LA needs to get over it! All kinds of people be gettin' they asses beat daily by the cops and none of them get into trouble! LA just wanted to act a damn fool and be over the top like always....

821 days ago
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