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Woody Allen


By Estranged Son

6/18/2012 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Woody Allen had an awkward Father's Day ... because his estranged son roasted him on the Internet by reminding the world ... Woody's current wife USED TO BE his step-daughter.

Ronan Farrow -- the 24-year-old son of Allen and Mia Farrow -- went to Twitter and posted the following message:

Mia retweeted the message ... and added the word, "BOOM."

According to reports, Ronan stopped speaking to his father back in 1992 ... when it was discovered Woody had been dating Soon-Yi Previn -- Mia Farrow's adopted daughter with her 2nd husband André Previn.

Woody began dating Mia in 1980 ... when Soon-Yi was 10 years old.


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In 1992, he would have been 4. Hardly at an age to have the mental capacity to understand what was really going on, and surely he didn't come to the conclusion to stop talking to his father by himself.

835 days ago


Oh, so what. He fell for a teenage girl. So did I. There's this cute superstar named Justin Bieber and... What? He's a guy? Oops, never mind.

835 days ago


She was 10 years old?! The guy is a sick pervert. Anyone can see the guys got mental problems just from his weird mannerisms. Most of his movies suck but hollywood actors flock to this perv.

Does anyone doubt this guy's directed kiddie porn and has a huge collection? What a sick freak.

835 days ago


I find it odd that people are looking past the fact that Woody started dating this woman was she was just a 10 year old girl. If it was anyone else, they would be in jail.

835 days ago


Well... his name IS Woody.

835 days ago


You don't have to defend Woody Allen to see that Mia Farrow has a lot to answer for in turning her son into such a bitter self-righteous prig.

835 days ago


Ha ha ha! He will always be a child molesting pig! It's also hilarious that she turned out to be one of the most unattractive women on the planet.

835 days ago


Anyone who condones an adult "dating" a 10 year old is a mentally disturbed pervert. Some of these post make me wonder if Jerry Sandusky has internet connection in jail.

835 days ago


good for him! if woody allen weren't a famous movie maker/director, he would've been persona-non-grata in this world but, naturally, all the desperate for attention loser actors in hollywood praise this guy to high heaven in order to be asked to act for him. every time i see an actor noawadays in one of his films, i no longer am a fan. double standards for the cess pool that is hollywood..when are those ppl gonna realize the rest of the world cannot stand them? they live in their own, delusional bubble.

835 days ago


Am happy to see his son has a healthy view of adoption, as does Mia Farrow. Woody was/is this adopted child's parent. Let's not forget it was only after he got caught that, humiliated, that he said he 'loved' her. We don't adopt children to have sex with them, and photograph them in lingerie when our partner is out at work or otherwise.

As a child I had watched Woody Allen films, and whilst doing so felt 'creeped' out by him. Once he was caught molesting his own adopted child, I understood my sixth sense.

There is no forgiveness to be had, but always wondered why criminal charges were not filed.

835 days ago


Woody Allen masturbates to the Flintstones but not the scene with Betty and Wilma.

835 days ago


I honestly see no problem with him marrying this woman. She is NOT his biological daughter nor Mia's. So the fact that they married should be no issue. It's like someone marrying their step brother, it's not their biological sibling nor relative. It's not back hills thinking either, it's just the facts. He may have been a father figure to her at one time, but he was nor is her father, and he should be able to marry her. This ex-son of his, has the problem.

835 days ago


Never liked Woody. Creepy little man.

835 days ago


Never like Woody.

835 days ago


"soon yi, take your pants off."(in little whiney jewish voice)Let's not forget about the naked pictures mia found of soon yi. allen is one sick f ck. She probably just likes his money and is waiting for him to kick the bucket.

835 days ago
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