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Alec Baldwin

Violent Confrontation

w/ NY Daily News Photog

6/19/2012 7:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Alec Baldwin has a Violent Confrontation with NY Daily News Photog
11:44 AM PT -- The photog, Marcus Santos, has filed a criminal assault complaint against Baldwin with the NYPD.  The incident is currently under investigation.


Things got physical between Alec Baldwin and a NY Daily News photographer today ... as Alec was leaving a NY courthouse with his fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

According to the NY Daily News, Baldwin had just obtained a marriage license ... when he got into it with one of their staff photographers, Marcus Santos.

Santos told the paper Baldwin was screaming for him and another Daily News photog to back up ... and they obliged. But Baldwin kept coming -- "He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me -- one time, right in the chin."

But sources connected with Alec tell TMZ ... the photographer almost HIT HIM with the camera and while Alec pushed him away ... he did not punch him.

Moments after the altercation, Alec tweeted, "A 'photographer' almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning #allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded."

During the altercation, the 2nd NY Daily News photog snapped a shot of Alec with his arms extended and Santos falling back.


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Alec is SUCH a Republican!

823 days ago


baldwin is a douche, he maybe thinks he is better than any one else but he is not.
What does his daughter think of him and his idea that he is better than every one?

823 days ago


Isn't this the Baldwin who screamed at his little girl and called her "a dirty little pig"? Wow...charming and real marriage material huh????

823 days ago


ALEC BALDWIN is one over sized big BABY! Man-up ALEC, you've been in "show business" way too long not to know how to conduct yourself in PUBLIC!
LINDSAY LOHAN and ALEC BALDWIN are blaming EVERYONE but THEMSELVES for proper behavior! How about giving all the millions away then GOING WAY yourselves so you can hide and NO ONE will give a rat's ass about what you do and don't do! Sound like a plan?

823 days ago


What did that Pyscho Alec think, he's an actor and the Paparazzi are always around them. They like it when they are trying to promote something. Alec has a big anger problem and the fiancee should think twice. I give it 6 mos....

823 days ago


Does this make you think Alec? You keep hinting that you want to go into politics. Do you actually think that the paps are just going to go away then? It's only going to get worse. If you want totally privacy with no paps around you better rethink your career. Celebs are always spouting about how much they want and are entitled to their privacy and yet they choose to go into these careers which have the least amount of privacy ever. Can't have it both ways, not if you want to be famous. Just like cops and firemen risk loosing their lives when they choose their careers, celebs and politicians know that they are going to often be hounded by the press. It's the price they pay, fair or not.

823 days ago


Im sorry but I think it would get awfully annoying having every ffing moment of your life with a camera SHOVED in your face. I would kick some arse too if this happened daily. Yes they are actors but COME ON give em some ffing space. Go ALEC!

823 days ago


Why are all photographers wimps who can't defend themselves. I would love for Alec Baldwin try to rough it up with me. I'd knock him on his ass and then laugh at him. Let's get some real men photogs.

823 days ago


baldwin's a typical hypocritical lib: he talks about waterboarding all papparazzi while being outspoken against our country waterboarding muslim extremists who want our entire country blown up. we really need to stop the celebrity worshipping here, people!

823 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Alec is such a jackass. Total blowhard, I remember him saying he was moving to France if Bush was reelected. Unfortunately for all of us he didn't fall through on that declaration. Throw him into jail

823 days ago


And this fu#$nut wants to go into politics!... whats this fu$%nut going to do, physically attack his political rivals?

823 days ago


Alec Baldwin is the white version of Chris Brown. . . .

823 days ago

buzz kill    

Typical left wing loon. Showing his girlfriend his tender side. Hope she doesn't pis* him off.

823 days ago


This gal is out of her mind marrying him! He has proven over and over he has anger management issues. She's in for a rough ride married to him. What should have been a joyous occasion, he destroyed, not the photographers. Hasn't she seen enough?

823 days ago


im so sick of photogs and i cant even begin to imagine what a mahor PITA it has to be having them hang around all the time to catch a celeb messing up by accident or the photog saying or doing something to get a violent reaction from a celeb.

when is this country going to get laws passed that prohibits photogs from coming within so many yards of celebs. 100 yards should be the minimum and if it gets violated they should be fined big time!!

i still think back to the time what the paps did to lady diana and they didnt even feel guilty about it. fricken s***bags!

823 days ago
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