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Lindsay Lohan

Broke Movie Rules

By Driving and Crashing

6/19/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608_lindsay_lohan_011Lindsay Lohan was PROHIBITED from driving while shooting "Liz and Dick," because the insurance policy the production company took out made it crystal clear -- Lindsay was not allowed to get behind the wheel ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the production tell us ... the insurance company that issued the policy -- which would take a major hit if Lindsay couldn't complete the film -- was extremely reluctant to take the risk.  The insurance company set numerous conditions on its coverage, and one of them was banning Lindsay from the roads which have landed her in big trouble multiple times -- DUIs, car accidents, and on and on.

Sources tell us ... the honchos producing the movie knew Lindsay was driving in violation of the policy, but it appears no one cared -- that is until Lindsay crashed a Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway, with a production SUV following right behind her.

As for the consequences, we're told so far the insurance company hasn't attempted to cancel the policy or take other action.  For its part, the production company has made it clear to Lindsay -- she is NOT to drive for the duration of the filming.



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That's why Lindsay said she was not driving the car. Doesn't matter though, Lindsay does whatever she wants to do and never has to pay the consequence for her actions. So if they don't care what she does neither do I.

793 days ago


I completely lost respect for lifetime only cause now I believe they were in on lindsays accident and did what they could do to cover it up, due to insurance reasons. Lifetime is nose deep with lindsay and she knows it and can pull her trashy backdoor deals with them...HOLLYWOOD ARE YOU LISTENING TO HONEY???

793 days ago


So sick of hearing about this stupid ginger bucking the rules. Let's hope this stink bomb movie marks the end of her career.

793 days ago


TMZ whats wrong with you? no Lindsay news so you come up with this crock? All I can see is Lindsay drove a car when YOUR souces said she shouldn't have, the producers don't care and the insurance company don't care, where is the story? This is OLD BS.

793 days ago


Lindsay NOT following the rules....shocking! Next you will see the company file suit for her to pay for the porche because she is not responsible enough to have adequate insurance to cover the damage.

793 days ago

Peter Sc    

They are amateurs at this production company. Arranging for one of the employees to pick her up should be first priority when the entire enterprise is depending of her.

793 days ago


It's unbelievable how many times she's thumbed her nose at every form of authority, and why anyone bothers to hire her for anything at all. Is she that important of a talent to warrant everyone else bending themselves into a pretzel to work with her?! I think not.

793 days ago


Well it is going to be hard for her to get a role again. Getting her insured was one of the big issues always brought up. And now she proved even if they do manage to insure her, she will not fallow the conditions. Lifetime not only asked, but begged for every headache they are getting.

793 days ago


Folks, there isn't any news here. TMZ have no Lindsay dramas to report so TMZ are creating their own for hits. Move along now ghouls.

793 days ago


Hey Bojangles...PISS OFF

793 days ago


Rules ... not there to be obeyed, we have to love it. DISOBEY all you want , Lindsay .... I hope this production goes under fast. Liz deserves better.

793 days ago


Bojangles..further more, you dont decide whats news, although hard for you to comprehend, this is a GOSSIP SITE ASS MUNCH!!!!

793 days ago


Lindsay Lohan ‏@lindsaylohan
@Anitte1995 INVITE ME FOR A VERY GOOD REASON.... I JUST WANT TO WORK AND CREATE things that make others smile!

Ya know like faceplanting, car wrecks, theiving, partying till i pass out...come on peeps!!!..ya feel me??

793 days ago


Lindsay the 1.00am news from TMZ, now there's a surprise. Whats up TMZ? run out of Chris Brown, Drake and Kardashian news that you have to invent a Lindsay story?

There is NO drama surrounding Lindsay so TMZ come up with this lame BS they copied from an obscure website who posted this garbage 8 days ago. TMZ are missing Lindsay.

Good luck Lindsay,

793 days ago


Every time I click on TMZ I keep expecting to see "Lohan Dead". She won't heed anyone, she won't get sober, just a matter of time before she self-destructs. :(

793 days ago
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