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House Officially Foreclosed

6/19/2012 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The house belonging to Octomom has officially been foreclosed on.
Octomom Nadya Suleman has just hosed the owner of the house she's living in, because the house officially went back to the bank after a disastrous foreclosure auction.

Amer Haddadin, the man who owned the La Habra home, tells TMZ ... the auction took place this morning, but no one bid on the property, so it went back to the bank.   FYI the opening bid was $355,643 ... but no takers.

So, you ask, how did Octo hose Amer?  Well she wasn't paying the money that was supposed to go toward the monthly mortgage payment, Amer couldn't cover it himself, so he lost the property.

As for Octo, the bank will have to initiate eviction proceedings to kick her and her brood out.



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I thought this was a Celebrity Sire??? Why is this person considered a Celebrity???

820 days ago


When I read about Nadia I'm stuck sad - for her situation, her, the children... she's been struggling in many ways and I think as a society we should show some kindness and help. We have to get past the part of how the children happened and focus on what to do NOW. How can society help her lift herself out of this financial nightmare? Help her get an income coming in. In California there are enough celebrities to step forward and maybe contribute (silently) to setting up a home for her and her children, once shes secure w/a home then she could concentrate on raising her children and securing an income somehow.. We've got to stop the hating/sarcasm and HELP. We help everyone else why cant we help her out of this mess? I worry these children are not getting enough food, do they go to bed hungry?? Lets help, not hurt.

820 days ago

charlei harper    

someone needs to osama bin laden that house by tearing it down to the foundation and rebuilding it...

820 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Time to drop panties and take it up the ass on film.

820 days ago


Octomom could give two ****s about her kids, any money she makes probably goes 50% to her hair and fitness and clothes, its all about her.

820 days ago


Failure. Our society allows this. Our U.S. citizens SUPPORT it. Our government welcomes it. When will it NOT be ok to send 8 babies home with a single parent who can't support them??

820 days ago


I wonder if TMZ would be so gleeful about someone with KIDS losing their home if they were BLACK???? Or if she was GAY????

820 days ago


Of course, there were no takers. Everyone probably saw the pics of what the inside looks like. Too bad he wanted the fame more than the money, or he would have evicted her long ago.

820 days ago


In 3-2-1 start the beg-a-thon! Poor me! I'm being kicked out of the house with 14 kids! Please someone help me! Will one of my supporters (TeamNadya) please post that a rich celebrity should buy me a house? It's not my fault! I NEEDED the lip fillers, new trampoline, $900 trips for my kids, Disneyland, $500 Brazilian blow-outs. I couldn't pay Amer his money, especially after I trashed the house!

820 days ago


That's not a 'disastrous' auction --- the fact is that the majority of homes that go up for foreclosure auction right now never get bids because the asking price (usually the balance of the loan) is well over what the house is actually worth. The house goes back to the bank who then hires a broker to handle the property and get it sold to a new owner.

Now, since she's a renter, she has some rights and the bank can't just "evict" her right away. It depends on the lease agreement she had with the owner. Let's say she had a 2-year agreement. By law, as long as she pays the rent to the bank, they cannot evict her during the term of the lease. A new owner could force them to move if they intend to occupy the home themselves, but even then they have to give notice. None of these are considered "eviction" actions unless they actuall are taken to court and a judge orders it. In California, it takes a lot of steps to get to that point.

Chances are likely the bank will offer her money to move out right away in lieu of her rights to remain in the home. It happens all the time. I know this from experience. We were renting a home (we paid our rent) but the owner, impacted by his pension cuts because of the economy, filed for bankruptcy. He gave the home back to the bank. Once the bankruptcy was discharged, the foreclosure process started...but we were protected the entire time. Nobody could 'evict' us because of state and federal renters laws. We knew we were going to move, though, and our attorney had told us for months what would happen... so we started packing and looking for another place. It took two months after the auction happened, but the bank eventually came to us and offered us $5,000 to be out in two weeks. We took it... but then, we were totally prepared to move at that point, and the money more than covered our moving costs. HOWEVER, we didn't have to accept the money. We had 6 more months on our lease, and by law, could have stayed at least 2 months and up to the 6, possibly longer. We hated that house anyway... so the owner losing the house was the best thing for us!

820 days ago


She now has, at MOST, 90 days to find a new place to live.
At that point, the bank won't care if they're putting her and all her kids out on the street.
How will she find anything? NOBODY is going to want to rent to her!

820 days ago


Yeah and some other stupid person will come along and give her another house to live in and not pay the rent on.

820 days ago


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820 days ago


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820 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It will take forever to evict her. It takes 2 years last I heard.

820 days ago
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