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Ann Curry


6/22/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry $$$.
Ann Curry will get her walking papers from the "Today" show next week, and NBC will pay dearly for its blunder -- because network sources tell us she's under a contract that guarantees her $10 million a year.

Our sources tell us Ann signed a new contract almost a year ago to the day, when she took over as co-anchor of "Today." Under the deal, Ann gets a cool $10 mil, and it's a long-term contract.  We're told she's guaranteed that amount for 3 years.

Network sources tell us ... the likely scenario is that Ann will become a foreign correspondent for NBC News.

Short story ... she'll be the first foreign correspondent who will rake in an amount equal to the gross national product of some of the countries she will cover.


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Big mistake.

799 days ago


Ann Curry has more class in her pinky than Matt Lauer has in his entire body. Matt has become very boring, attacks guest verbally and is full of himself. Ann is class, she has warmth and comes off as a very caring person. NBC is making one huge mistake letting her go. Best of everything life has to offer Ann.

799 days ago


AFTER NBC SNEAKED MEREDITH V. through the back door by announcing her as a 'LEGEND,'' it became apparent that she would be seated next to Matt Lauer after she returns from covering the Olympic games. QUESTION: Perhaps I missed it, but, how does NBC qualify Meredith Vieira as a, "LEGEND?" Time for some answers, NBC !!!

799 days ago


Foreign reporter, huh? I bet they'll send her where the sun don't never shine...for good!

799 days ago


I do not consider Ann Curry a mistake. She is one of the reasons I watch religiously every morning!

799 days ago


How can you at NBC be so cruel. You need to replace Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee than Ann Curry. privately without all the negativity. The ratings are the fault of NBC not Ann Curry. You cut people off and this, we only have a few seconds left all the time. It is distasteful and that is why I don't watch you anymore. For shame on you.

799 days ago

william abbott    

i guess if she leaves a lot ofus will leave to she has done everything and went anywhere they wanted her to do she has done more then all of them together she has class i hope she gets what she has coming to her and the show with matt gets what they deserve i was about to leave anyway its not what it use to be to much drinking on the show and to mushcooking and not enough news the one that needs to leave is matt she can out interview anyone on that show hands down

799 days ago


Why is being classy, smart, and compassionate "Not enough?" Because the public expects dumbed down trivial entertainment instead of real news in the AM. I hope she finds a niche with a serious news program where she will shine and be appreciated. Personally, this finishes me with TODAY and with Matt.

799 days ago


Ann is a very touchy, feely interviewer and she makes people feel uncomfortable. Matt Lauer has recently jumped the shark. He knows this. Savannah is too cute for her own good. She is very intelligent and I, as a women, appreciate her.

799 days ago


10 Million dollar mistake? I think NOT! The only mistake being made here are the Executives/Producers directing the format these anchors have to work with. Honestly, do you think interviewing the only survivor of a horrible fire is what we want to hear? Stop with the Walmart/Esquire reporting style and try something intellegent as Sunday Morning News CBS! Ann has it, you just havent figured it out yet!

799 days ago

jane reid    

The Today show was a favorite of mine until someone decided to give Ann Curry more air time as early as 2004 I called NBC and left a message complaining bitterly about her interview style.Nobody returned my call and I have not watched the today show since.Perhaps NBC should listen to their viewers more often...

799 days ago


Matt Lauder is the real problem period!

799 days ago


matt should leave. he has such a superior attitude. they are getting rid of the wrong person. i hope abc kicks nbc's ratings!

799 days ago


Actually thie one I dont like is Matt Lauer.He is kind of a jerk to people he is interviewing sometimes.I like GMA

799 days ago

Dan Uff    

All of you are complaining about Matt being a pain in the ***, but yet people ARE still watching them, beings that the show remains at #1 for all these years. If you people want to REALLY get rid of Matt, STOP WATCHING THE SHOW!!!!

799 days ago
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