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'Storage Wars' Star

and Trey Songz --

YUUUP ... They've Settled

6/23/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Trey Songz and 'Storage Wars" star David Hester settle their dueling lawsuits over the phrase YUUUP? YUUUP!

Did TMZ first report that Songz and Hester each filed dueling complaints in New York, because each wanted the right to sell merchandise with the aforementioned phrase of affirmation? YUUUP!

Did lawyers for both parties file docs this week dismissing their lawsuits? YUUUP!

Were the terms of the settlement made public? NOPE

Are you as tired of this gag as we are? Don't answer that ...


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Silverado Mom    

It's the same word but it's said differently by both of them. I'm familiar with Storage Wars' Hester, but not Songz.

819 days ago


who hasn't said yuuup in their lifetime.. i dont know why mr. no neck is crying, maybe because this is his last season..the ratings are so far down because of him and that married chick.

819 days ago


i wish hester would just kill himself and make everyone much happier! im sure ratings of the storage show would skyrocket if he were dead.

i have never seen a bigger steaming pile of dung in my entire life! i wish one of the units he wins would either have a gun or a long piece of rope to use to kill himself.

dave, how does it feel to know the entire world would love to see you dead?

819 days ago


when the hell is brandi with jarrod. hes ugly, i hate the high top socks, and that grossed out 1950s style converse shoes. he smokes like a chimney, he looks like he baths on saturday nite. that goatee should go. his hair cut is way t short..brandi should improve her life she should be with a woman, {i will take her}
Darrell is ugly he should wear a shirt with long sleeves, to cover up the shoulders and all of that hair GROOOOSS.! h looks the type of guy who beats up his gf/ or wife.
Barry is a nice guy he no doubts get beat down by others.
Dave there is something really weird about him just dont know..
dont those people afraid of getting jacked to take all of their money. xpecially

816 days ago


Dave doesn't even say YUUUUUUUUUUUP...he says YEEEEEEEEEP!!! I wish I was the judge on this case...illiterate bastard!!!

815 days ago


how can a show like this let crimanals on it , papa bear was on operation repo getting his truck repoed and pulled a knife and bat on froe and lue while they were repoing his pick up , he acted like a total gang banger , why is he on this show if he was acting like this pulling a knife and bat on people and getting caught on camera , he cant even make his truck payment plus hes a gang banging knife pulling bat pulling violent person , if theyll let vio;ent people like that on storage wars im losing all respect for the show and probubly wont watch no more , hope others fill the same

801 days ago


why do you keep showing all the past showes

766 days ago

Mr. G    

No, but what I am tired of is you posting articles with very little substance or information. You know how to create an enticing headline to lure readers in but you don't know how to write an article. Those amatuer writers are really paying off for you. I guess you get what you pay for.GEEZ!

585 days ago


I quit watching when they start finding a tub full of rare coins & worst could have used it to pay storage fees or got it out before dues. OR WHO DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR MONEY.lmfao

585 days ago



577 days ago


HAAHA yaaaaz

577 days ago
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