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Mel Gibson

Caught Giving Lip

6/24/2012 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0624_mel_gibson_fameflynetMel Gibson's on a roll ... a week after getting up close and personal with Maria Menounos -- the actor surfaced by the beach in L.A., planting a big smooch on an unidentified woman.

The photo was snapped yesterday outside a beach house in Santa Monica.

Mel's been on a tear in the lady department recently -- sweeping Maria Menounos off her feet at her 34th birthday party last Sunday in Encino ... literally.

Mel was even spotted last month at a Victoria's Secret party in Beverly Hills -- chatting up a mystery blonde.

Who knows, maybe they're all just "Passion of the Christ" fans.


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Britney didn't want his help so he can't take credit for it. As for Downey, Gibby called in a favor hoping that Downey could help revive his career. Remember that odd acting award given to Downey a year or so ago? And Downey using the opportunity to tell e erroneous to forgive Gibby with the 2 of them in tuxedos for the
photo ops? That was all hatched by Giblitz, who was on the board of directors of the movie house who gave the award, along with Jodie Foster and WB.
Tee hee!
(Said in cute little granny voice)
Oh, you are just SO smart!

Geez Cuji, another lame comment from you. How boring!
Why don't you just admit it, you're just a cranky ass old Queen who has nothing good to say about *anything*!?

817 days ago

get a life ho    

Racist Mels movie "The Beaver " was said to be so bad it was the first movie ever to go direct to AM radio.

817 days ago

get a life ho    

Is Racist Mel taking time off from his Hitler youth rallies ?.,.,,,,..,.,,.,..,

817 days ago

princess leia    

Maybe this is some sort of laying on of hands ritual or a sidewalk healing.
Maybe she is a dentist making a house (party) call.
Maybe he was feeling short of breath and needed to borrow some oxygen.
Perhaps she had just uttered "Alright Mr. DeMille, I mean Gibson, I'm ready for my closeup."

817 days ago


thats karina vanleuven shes 23

817 days ago


Good for Mel that he's out and having fun. He deserves it!

817 days ago


He is just gross.

817 days ago


Yet another pic of him trying to plant an unwanted kiss on an unsuspecting woman who is probably half his age.
hi Cujeaux
I thought you were smarter...
it is just hidden agenda here by your Soveit comrades
US media is showing Mel Gibson as" alpha male out of hormone on Viagra" pushing Oksana's agenda back on us and Soviet media is showing pictures of little Lucia playing in park with he mommy Oksana aka "Madona with child"
been there..
it is over, get a life
leave Mel Gibson be....

817 days ago


here are some picture of your
Madonna on pedestal

by the way
did you read latest book from Joe Esterhas?
what a looser Joe is....
so sad as Joe's heart is filled only with jealousy, envies and hate for another human being..
well what to expect from someone who denounce his own father ....
"honor your mother and father"

817 days ago


Oksana's soviet propaganda
lie after lie.....just brainwashing tactics by comrades
translation from Soviet article
After the scandalous breakup with Mel Gibson, Oksana, tries as much attention to her daughter: the last time they were always seen together.

Recently, Mel Gibson has made a court of law to meet with her daughter and the very next day they had a whole day in an amusement park in Santa Monica.

Recall that the 56-year-old actor and father of eight children, was charged with beating ex-lover, the Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. After the scandals and the explanation of the relationship with Gibson, a mother and daughter left the mansion in Sherman Oaks, where they now live. The court ruled that as soon as Lucia is 18 years old, house of the actor would put on sale and the girl gets all the money.

817 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

CujNellieIdiotgoo, by any moniker...., is just being his usual WRONG hateful, mindless, self centered hypocritical self.... (and apparently still wanting in Ox's pants, who knows why... her show of inner ugliness has been astonishing to say the most for her!)

Meh, old hat, boring!

(waving at Tmom and canook: HI! How are you both doing?)

817 days ago

Kia Cannelle    

At least he's not trying to choke her:

817 days ago


Looks to me like Mel is trying to shut her up.He gets better looking with age. Like good wine!!!


817 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

A bit more on the 'story' that TMZ very intentionally left out:

A trash article too, but the story is in the pictures and read the comments. And for goodness sake, THINK: is that Mel socializing with hispanics, a group he is supposed to hate so much, so says TMZ, the 'truthsayers aka crap spreaders'? Another fine example as to how the media continues to malign Mel. (And you unthinking, too lazy to read or research go on helping them do it, simple minded haters.)

Let us remember that Mel has a gay brother, had a gay and Jewish agent all his life, has gay and women best friends and lawyers and has had women, Jewish, gay, hispanics, blacks as partners and co workers, many that have come forward to state they LOVE him. Only we don't get those reports reprinted like do the crap stories. (Who among us does not get angry and yell and cuss?) Slanted, spun lying crap to hurt Mel from the media, who owns the media......

817 days ago


Umm Mel.. I think the lady wants her head back

817 days ago
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