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Virgin America

We're 'Mystified' by

Octomom's Complaints

6/25/2012 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgin America insists Octomom's complaints of harassment aboard their aircraft are completely unfounded, and tells TMZ ... Octo was no model passenger.

A rep from Virgin says the airline stands by the crew's handling of Octo and her manager during a flight from LAX to NYC last week -- despite Octo's accusations to the contrary.

The rep adds, Octomom and her manager were difficult to deal with during the flight and, "Both guests had to be asked repeatedly to observe safety regulations."

As for kicking Octo's manager out of the bathroom ... Virgin claims she entered the restroom when the plane was landing -- which isn't allowed. They asked her to get out because per FAA rules --  they would have to delay landing if she didn't.

The rep tells us the airline's investigation is now closed -- so, this should be the last time the words virgin and Octomom are used in the same sentence.


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They're mystified because this "harassment" never happened! Nadia is crazier than a nest of loons. All anyone has to do is look at her inappropriate affect in TV interviews, the fact that she pleasures herself on camera for money while collecting welfare yet has a "manager" and a gay 23 year-old "boyfriend" that she doesn't have sex with. She's so nuts there isn't a jury in the world that would support her in ANY harassment claim! A walking joke.

815 days ago


What is wrong with her face???

815 days ago


big surprise here.....betcha virgin is hoping she never comes back!

815 days ago


She makes an art out of trying to be paid without working...
her vagina would have swallowed the toilet anyways...

815 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Yeah, who in the hell flys Virgin anyways.

815 days ago


LMFAO, um, we figured that out the day she claimed it. I'd love it if TMZ got a hold of a few of the passengers on the flight with more confirmation that Octonuts is full of it.

815 days ago


Damn she gets weirder looking every day.

815 days ago


TMZ Staff, you should implement changes in the way your website runs. When someone replies to a comment, the user who posted the comment should be notified, kind of like how facebook does. There are too many morons on this site making ignorant comments and then just closing the site not knowing how dumb they look. Let the morons be notified of replies to their comments. Morons can comment in 3…2….1…GO

815 days ago


They probably told her to wash her hands before she touched the seats!

815 days ago


Octomom's idiotic escapades would be a lot funnier if there weren't 14 kids that are going to be completely screwed up adults in 15 years or so.

815 days ago

BB not bb    

Well they just took their employees word for it. I don't think they were jumping out of their seats and preventing the plane from landing just out of stupidity. I think maybe the stewardesses are covering themselves with these excuses. I think Virgin should have spoke with Nadya and tried to address her concerns instead of just saying that they must be unfounded.

This shows me that they don't care about good customer service, so I don't doubt their employees don't care much either. Employees reflect their employers to some extent. They know what they can and can't get away with there.

They should have apologized and comped both of them a plane ride or something. That guy can afford it. I am sure those stewardesses were acting all mean and high and mighty with the celebrated scapegoat on board.

Low lives live for the chance to make life hell for someone else. She said that she was over it, so maybe that is why they are acting like they don't care either. She should have stuck to her guns, but she is kind of all over the place dealing with church and her boyfriend and kids and jobs and her beauty routings.

815 days ago


Can't use the bathroom during landing because of lawsuits, if you're on the pot and it's a rough landing and you come out with blue chemical poop juice all over you, you can sue and win.

815 days ago


That is one UGLY Puss

815 days ago


Dammm she's ugly.

815 days ago


damn, that face of hers will scare buzzards off roadkill.

815 days ago
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