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Lindsay Lohan

Settles Up with 2007

Car Chase Victims

6/27/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan
has finally called it even with the 3 men she allegedly abducted and took on a wild drug-fueled car chase through Santa Monica back in 2007 -- the same chase that resulted in her second infamous DUI arrest.

Attorneys for both sides confirm the lawsuit was settled and a dismissal notice will be filed in court soon. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

TMZ broke the story ... the three men sued Lindsay over the incident in 2008, claiming an intoxicated Lindsay hijacked a car in which they were passengers following a party in Malibu. According to the suit, Lindsay then began an insane ride down the PCH "endangering all of their lives."

The suit claimed Lindsay blew through red lights, eventually ending up at the Santa Monica Police Department where she was arrested for DUI, her second DUI bust in less than 90 days. Cops said they also found cocaine.

Lohan pled guilty to being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to reckless driving and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. She eventually served one day in jail.

Days after the incident, one of the men told TMZ, "It was pretty much, like, the worst night of ... my whole summer."



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“My dearest darlingest Linds,

You are the last pink petunia in an ugly world of liars, losers and users. Your the light of my life. I could never go on knowing you are unhappy in any way. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for your love. Nothing at all. I mean it. You can move in with me and no one will know your here. Everybody just wants you for all your money like all the H8turds but not me. I worship you for the good person you are and for your gorgeousness. I can make you happy like you make me happy. You can slam my clam all u want. Only you could give me the big O, if I ever get one. I don’t really know what they are, but I’ll Google it later. I love you just the way you are. Your perfect. Marry me, Linds. If you won’t I‘ll Google some relationship counseling.

Love, Help This Dumb Plagiarist”

850 days ago


My dearest darlingest Linds....

Please don't eat that 9mm Walther PPK. It would ruin that gorgeous, pouty mouth that I love so much. How will I ever get the big o if your gone? If you have to do it, please blast it in your clam. No one will be able to tell the difference, and maybe tyler can take the pictures cuz I don't trust Uncle Terry - I think hes out to get you for your money and 15 minutes of fame.

Love, Help This Stung Hypocrite.

850 days ago


Sources close to Lindsay Lohan (Dina) say she was behind the wheel concerning the night in question, and the three boys insisted she drove, due to there inability to get to Disney World for the spectacular rides, so they new lindsay would give them the ride of there lives!!!

850 days ago


Ya'll know damn well that Hell(p) spent all day looking for just the right words to cut, copy, and paste.

850 days ago


I'm gonna play 'devils advocate' and get my little behind nailed. HELLp is right on one count. Not EVERYONE who settles is 'guilty' but NOT IN THIS CASE. Blohan is not only guilty here but there are 3, count them THREE witnesses here. I'm terribly upset this isn't going to court, I've been looking forward to it for YEARS. SLAG!

850 days ago


Once again, Help leaves out the most important part of the article...Typical!

Here is the part that pertains to Lindsay, and why she would choose to settle out of court:

•Amount the lawsuit is worth;
•Length of trial;
•How long it will take to go to trial;
•Possible delays in getting to trial and/or length of trial;
•Your honest assessment of the chances of winning at trial;
•Whether there are similar cases achieving positive or negative results;
•If there could be unfavorable publicity for either side if there is a trial;
•Potential disclosure of trade secrets or other confidential business information;
•Weaknesses in your evidence;
•Weaknesses in other side's evidence;
•The possibility of having to pay the other side's attorney's fees if you lose.

850 days ago


Seriously! Enough TMZ, sick of hearing about this train wreck and her looney tunes family! it's not right that she's not in jail and i hope she and her enablers/family, experience horrible karma! They certainly deserve it! I can't wait for the day when we don't have to hear about her anymore!

850 days ago


File this under Better Late Than Never in the Blo-owes pile. i hope the guys got a big pile of money and the 'black kid' got a little extra for her trying to blame her wild rampage on him. if they can't keep her ass in jail where she belonged, it's good when she gets soaked for some dough. Next!!

850 days ago


How's the view from the monkey bars?

850 days ago


so now , they are suddenly the bad guys for 'settling'??? Freakin' please... they know this twit will never actually pay for her illegal behavior.. damn good for them to settle out of court with this loser who thinks she's above the law... cash in boys... CASH IN!

850 days ago


I'm guessing 'Liability Lohan' (yes I made that up) is done with the shoot. She's right back with photos taken of her in see through underware. Lohan wasn't exhausted or dehydrated for that. Seems Lohan got over the nudity real quick. Lohan who now calles herself an 'artist' got over the nudity real quick. (that's her words, Artist, can't make that up) everyone is still laughing.

There is nothing new. Seen it all before Lohan looked wasted, but that's not an acting streatch. Probally the only real thing on the photos.

850 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I'll tell you one thing, Lindsay was smart to settle out of court. This way it only cost her millions. If it had gone before a jury, it would have cost billions! Can't fool Lindsay, she is way to smart for that!

850 days ago



850 days ago



The typical reasons for settling are 1) because the amount of money at issue is far less than the amount it would take for you to mount a defense, 2) because you think you'd lose (note that this doesn't mean you think you're guilty -- it just means you don't think a jury would believe you, or they wouldn't care), or 3) because you're worried about adverse publicity or other adverse impacts to your reputation. With regard to the last possibility, out of court settlements typically include a statement that it is not an admission of liability on your part, and also generally include extracting a promise from the opposing party not to discuss the case or the terms of the settlement.

850 days ago


Bending over for JC . . . . LMFAO I'm ready for my 'spanking' now from my North Carolina Angel . . . .

850 days ago
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