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Lindsay Lohan

Settles Up with 2007

Car Chase Victims

6/27/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan
has finally called it even with the 3 men she allegedly abducted and took on a wild drug-fueled car chase through Santa Monica back in 2007 -- the same chase that resulted in her second infamous DUI arrest.

Attorneys for both sides confirm the lawsuit was settled and a dismissal notice will be filed in court soon. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

TMZ broke the story ... the three men sued Lindsay over the incident in 2008, claiming an intoxicated Lindsay hijacked a car in which they were passengers following a party in Malibu. According to the suit, Lindsay then began an insane ride down the PCH "endangering all of their lives."

The suit claimed Lindsay blew through red lights, eventually ending up at the Santa Monica Police Department where she was arrested for DUI, her second DUI bust in less than 90 days. Cops said they also found cocaine.

Lohan pled guilty to being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to reckless driving and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. She eventually served one day in jail.

Days after the incident, one of the men told TMZ, "It was pretty much, like, the worst night of ... my whole summer."



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I only met Lindsay once outside the set of Ugly Betty
0 4
Yes Granny, it was in my carport the same day as the Rumors pic.

801 days ago


"Lindsay and Gaga were playing board games at the slumber party".

BITCH, PLEASE! In your dreams. Blohan doesn't 'DO' board games. From the sound of the tweets, it appears they may have been IN the bar at the same time, but that in no way means they were 'together'. Is Smitty off his meds again? And who's turn was it here to make sure he was taking them? Somebody fvcked up and/or is sleeping on the 'job'.

801 days ago


Good grief, this really is The Thread That Has No End. Have y'all set a record or what?
Anyway, in trying to catch up (still 24 hours behind so if Linds has been arrested, don't know about it yet), noticed a reference to Spy vs Spy and MAD by GC but earlier posts on it must have been buried in replies I didn't read. I did think that fascinating but seizure-inducing animated avatar GC was using reminded me strongly of Spy vs Spy (in non-copyright infringing form). Thought folks might like to know (if not mentioned previously) that MAD has an animated show now on Cartoon Network that is pretty true to the mag as I remember it (including Spy vs Spy). It often runs in a block including the oddly compelling Regular Show and (as you all will be delighted to know) a new 11minute show based on the adventures of a bunch of fruit (think anti-Veggie Tales) headed by Annoying Orange (also the name of the show). Look for MAD anywhere between 6pm and 9 pm weekdays, new episodes usually once a week in season but lots of episodes now in reruns. Annoying Orange is generally put before or after an 11minute episode of Regular Show. Cartoons today are generally either 11min or 22min long, the rest of the half hour is commercials. Yes, we get more than 1/4 of the time filled with commercials for our cable subscription now. Anyway, MAD animated is pretty watchable and re-watchable, although I generally only record Regular Show and new Annoying Orange. Sticker shock plus increasing problems with printers inks made me stop buying MAD and comics decades ago, although for a while I fed my addiction via used comics stores (which also usually include old MADs).

801 days ago


<------I like to call this one
<------Agent Fruit of the Womb.

801 days ago


Agent Orange, what proof do you need that Lindsay is doing the Canyons for you to change your screen name to Agent Stupid?

801 days ago


Vorbaby...I never said i met Lindsay once....retard!!!

801 days ago


Slumber Party pic:

801 days ago


I am sure three grown will do***ented whores and bi-sexual woman two of who are graduates of Terry Richardson school of sleeze..(Lindsay and the Del Ray) and the other a plain freak from NYC...were just having a innocent sleep-over playing board games and watching movies....sure they did eat those damn cu***berxs and lemon slices you all are not that clueless at the innundos in those supposed text...They were talking about eating food thru they were talking about eating. !!!!
Iff it happened at all...
That was pure nasty really nasty ...and please don't call them Lesbian most lesbians I know are really nice respectful woman who have as much honor and faithfullness in their parthners as hextrosexual couples do..those woman Lindsay and GaGA and the Del Ray are pure Whores who will screw or be screwed by anything that will do it with them....filthly bit'chs in heat....

801 days ago


Posted at 6:20 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by john smith
Lindsay is a good friend of mine

john smith 7 minutes ago
Gossip I'm not friends with her

john smith about an hour ago
I'm friends with Lindsay she's not scared of me like MiLO!

801 days ago


Haters.....warning don't go to The Slumber party pic''s a virus that will block you from looking at Li LO's private parts forever!!!!

801 days ago


Almost 4000 Lindsay fans on TMZ commenting.....

801 days ago


Agent Orange...I'll ask again since you're ignoring it. What proof do you need that Lindsay is doing the Canyons so you will change your name to Agent Stupid?

801 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you broke back rode lizard pond water drinking overweight trailer park douchebags and douchebagetttes? Go fvk yourselves!!!!!!!!

801 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What have all you trailer court jurors talking about tonight? Anything but yourselves that's for sure cause you need a lot of vodka and tylenol to look in a mirror.....

Factoid for you hemmroids!!!!!!!!

801 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I gotti roll and let you pondies and sandies roll around in your sewage by yourselves. I JUST HAD to stop in and say f off one more time.

Keeping it real one intelligent highly educational post at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gone gone gone

801 days ago
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