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Ann Curry

I'm Leaving "Today"

6/28/2012 4:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ann Curry said goodbye to "Today" today -- hours after her lawyer negotiated her exit from the show -- sobbing as she told viewers, "I'm sorry I couldn't carry the ball over the finish line, but man did I try."

Curry cried as she said goodbye to her co-anchors and viewers who got to know her over the last 15 years on the show.

In an interview with USA Today, Ann said, "In every single co-host's first year, there have been kinks to be worked out, and perhaps I deserve as much blame for that as anyone."

When asked if she felt she was given enough time to work out those kinks, she flatly replied "No, I do not."

As for taking a beating by "Good Morning America" in the ratings recently, Curry says, "I know I am not to blame for the ratings worries ... and my bosses have said to me there are many factors involved."

Under her new deal, Curry will continue to produce for "NBC Nightly News," "Dateline," "Rock Center" and "Today" and will fill in as anchor on "Nightly News."

As TMZ previously reported, Ann was guaranteed $20 million for the last two years of her contract but NBC didn't want to pay that amount ... so they negotiated a lesser deal where Ann will stay on and still make good money.

When asked by USA Today about the $10-$20 million a year salary, she said "I can say that I'd love to earn that much." Fact is ... Ann was getting $10 mil a year.

We broke the story ... Savannah Guthrie will be named Ann's replacement and NBC wants her firmly in place before the Olympics so they can showcase her next to Matt Lauer.


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Big D    

Who? and is that show still on?

855 days ago


I am watching her now, and she hasn't announced it yet but you can tell she is choking up. Her eyes are a bit red and she is stammering a lot. It must be emotionally painful.

855 days ago

Daniel Carlberg    

Who and who friggin cares.

855 days ago


I truly don't understand HOW for the last 5 years they are blaming the co-host for the ratings SAG? They need to get rid of the HOST..THAT is the only way for that show to recover.

855 days ago


Ann still comes out on top with awesome use of contract leverage. she gets to produce behind the scenes and still get occasional air time with the network without being shipped off to 5th world countries.

855 days ago

Fat Mike    

which also confirms that NBC blows.
The massive Anger Management ad at the top of the page also confirms why TMZ have been making up stories about Charlie Sheen this week.
I don't know who the bigger douche is - Harvey or Matt Lauer

855 days ago


Why is she leaving "Today", whats the rush? Can't she leave "Tomorrow"? But seriously, who cares about this kind of news....Let's report on stuff that people might actually care about?

855 days ago


She should get out before the curse of the female co-anchors on Today hits her husband like it did the two before her.

855 days ago


Well, I don't like Matt Lauer and can do without Savannah Guthrie, so I guess I'm finished with Today.

855 days ago

There's a problem here    

I wish Ann the best of luck, happiness and success. Somehow I don't think she is responsible for the low ratings. The show sucks with or without her. On to better things, Ann.

855 days ago


The extremely awkward exit is happening now and yikes.! Matt and the rest are bidding her a phony goodbye, since we all know hes the one who wanted her out. I thought she would get in a jibe at him but no.

855 days ago


Doesn't really affect me because, like so many others, I prefer GMA. And them getting rid of her isn't going to change that with me. And I doubt it will for too many other people either. I feel bad for her though. Hopefully this will open the door for bigger and better things.

855 days ago


Don't let the door hit you in the azz.

855 days ago

tom p    

I have been dreaming and waiting for this every since that biyatch did an interview with a gay man 10 years ago and asked him about his, "lifestyle choice."
I'm so glad she is getting canned!

855 days ago


Wonder whats going on legallly now because it is just blank now on the channel and has been like that since commericial break lol

855 days ago
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