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Celine Dion

Sued for Screwing

Employees Out of Overtime

6/28/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_celine_dion_reneCeline Dion and her husband are a couple o' tight wads when it comes to compensating employees at their massive Florida compound ... according to a new federal lawsuit filed by their ex-handyman.

TMZ obtained a copy of the suit filed by Keith Sturtevant Wednesday -- and in it he claims he was hired in March 2009 as a "warehouse manager" ... but says he also regularly worked at Celine and Rene Angelil's giant home in Hobe Sound, Florida.

According to the suit, Sturtevant fixed ice makers, cleaned house shutters, built stages, and ran miscellaneous errands for Celine and Rene -- and although he had a "manager" title ... Sturtevant claims he "did not have the power to hire or fire employees."

The suit alleges Celine and Rene "improperly and illegally designated [Sturtevant] as an exempt employee" -- allowing them to avoid paying the overtime ... which Sturtevant claims he's owed since he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week.

Sturtevant's suit claims Celine and Rene improperly slapped the "exempt employee" label on several other employees too. He's suing for all his back overtime wages.

We've reached out to Celine's reps for comment, but so far ... no reply.



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ivona poyntz    

is celine a nice person?

846 days ago


That's the creepiest marriage I can think of. He met her when she was twelve and he was already married with children.

846 days ago


She's so fine.

846 days ago

Jay W.     

I think Keith is probably dead on. Celine looks evil.

846 days ago

northern gypsy    

C.D. comes from a big family and was dirt poor which would explain her furgal still does not make it right !!! what i don't understand is her marriage and agree with "anony"

846 days ago


She's a nice person. Don't judge the couple if you don't know the WHOLE story yet.

846 days ago


I've met them 2 weeks ago. Céline is the sweetest woman alive. Don't judge their marriage. The love between those two is real, age is just a number. Whatever other people may say, if you really know them, you'll know that there's no man who will ever love her more. Don't judge if you haven't heard the other side of the story.

846 days ago


Change the locks.

846 days ago


I bet he made a lot of money working there. A lot more than if he was working elsewhere.

846 days ago


Many exempt employees do not have the title of a manager nor do they have hiring and firing rights. They are NOT eligible for overtime pay either. I worked as an SALARIED exempt employee for 20 yrs in DC and worked average of 50 hrs per week and made sure my assistants left the office if I did not have authority to pay them overtime as I had to get the authority through the VP of operations. My salary was twice as high as any hourly employee but I more experience, education and qualifications in the field than any of the hourly employees. I bet this dude's salary was higher than 80% of Florida's workers as Florida is known for low paying jobs. I do not think he has a case but he will profit from SELLING $$ interviews about this story because Celene is famous and loved.

846 days ago


This happened to me once. I was too young/naive to know better, but once I found out, my a-hole of a boss was SO done. Buh-bye, Len! (He'd been breaking employment laws knowingly for years.)

845 days ago


"Celine Dion and her husband are a couple o' tight wads when it comes to compensating employees at their massive Florida compound ... according to a new federal lawsuit filed by their ex-handyman."

Here we go again.. If I was them I would force you to retract this and kiss my a..

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize they do not pay these people out of pocket. What star has the time to do payroll and do payroll liabilities every week. They do not...

Most hire people from companies that deal with help staff and then they deal with all the crap. If that wasn't a option then they would use a temp agency which does long term placement as well.

This is a fail lawsuit.. The federal court does not have the powers to see a case over a states employment issue unless they are challenging the law itself. Florida has a employment code and it covers what is payable as overtime.

Nothing worse than fail lawyers that toss everyone's name on a lawsuit. If Celine does not do the payroll and if she either just signed off on the time card or just paid the agency directly and they handled the time cards fully then they have nothing on Celine.

845 days ago


Celine and Rene make me sick regardless if the story is true or not. Can't stand em.

845 days ago


Of course they're tight wads-they're Canadian, remember? Ay???

845 days ago


She's a good singer but our neighbor's teenage daughter played My Heart Will Go On on her stereo about 850,000 times, now we all have head twitches when it comes on the radio.

845 days ago
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