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Celine Dion

Disgruntled Ex-Employee

Turned Down $10k Severance

6/28/2012 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Celine Dion
says the ex-employee who's suing her got more than enough cash to cover his alleged overtime -- and she says he turned down a $10,000 payout when he was fired.

TMZ broke the story, Keith Sturtevant -- a former "warehouse manager" for Celine and her husband -- filed a federal lawsuit ... claiming he was never paid overtime even though he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week during his 3 plus years of service.

But a rep for Celine tells TMZ, Sturtevant was "paid a handsome yearly salary that covered overtime for his services for three years."

In his lawsuit, Sturtevant says he originally made about $50,000 per year -- but eventually got a raise to $63,000 per year.

The rep also claims Sturtevant turned down a very handsome severance package -- vacation pay plus $10k -- when he was fired last month.

We're told Sturtevant got the boot due to poor performance.


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Nobody likes Celine. She and her husband are creepy.

845 days ago


She makes all that money and pays a warehouse manager only $50K? Sounds like Celine is a one percenter to me.

845 days ago


63K to manage a warehouse? Sounds like his lifestyle got away from him and now he needs an outlet.

845 days ago


He was fired due to poor performance? Really? Then why did they keep him for three years and give him a hefty raise? Celine and her hubby sound like slimy, shady people.

845 days ago

Lisa G    

Practically every person I know works full time and they all, including myself, work more than 40-45 hours per week for a flat salary. And it's a lot less than what he was being paid.

845 days ago


He made $5250 a month and he's complaining :D
Worked overtime for....3 years...without getting paid for it and...stayed? Doubt it.
Turned down the paid vac and severance so he could sue and take some big money.
I ain't sayin' he's a gold diggah...OK yes...yes I am saying he's a gold diggah.

845 days ago


There's two sides to every story, but Celine doesn't seem like the Leona Helmsley type. She seems like a genuinely kind person, and it's not like she doesn't make gazillions of dollars.

845 days ago


Ugh...just when I have a few hours break from Kraptasian nonsense, now we'll have four or five posts on this Celine crap. What's next TMZ, exclusive interviews with the idiot's fellow employees trash talking him into stratosphere?

845 days ago


Aren't managerial employees exempt from overtime? Or is that just in the state of California?

845 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

The old hoar needs to stay in the media limelight somehow so she hired him to sue her.. fact.. well it's about as factual as most stuff we read here.

845 days ago


How stupid would you have to be to believe Celine's side? They claim poor performance after employing him for three years? That sounds like a lie. Then they offer him $10,000 severance pay just because they are such nice people? That would be two months salary and that might be reasonable if he had worked there for five or ten years but it sounds like a pay-off so they wouldn't be investigated. If they are not paying one employee overtime they may not be paying many employees properly and they will owe all that money back to the start if someone checks their books. It's so crappy when she makes so much money singing in Las Vegas that they can't treat their employees decently.

845 days ago

nipples mugee    

This guys a total idiot, if you don't get paid for overtime then quit and go on with life.. But I'm sure some low down s*** sucking attorney got ahold of this and ran with it...

This women built her rep on integrity and to have some nut case ruin it is un acceptable ..

845 days ago


I knew someone who worked in her dance crew for years--maybe still does--in Vegas, and he says she was such a lovely human being and a wonderful boss. He couldn't say enough nice things about her, or the way she treated her employees. He said she showered them with gifts and treated their families like her own.

845 days ago

She's baaaack    

I work hard because it makes my day go quickly, and I'm employed by a decent company. If I knew I could screw off on the job, get vacation, severance and probably be able to collect ... hell to the yeah!

845 days ago


Street people all talk.

Know the Workers Compensation Laws by rote.

Knows he can whittle thirty grand out of them.

Butlers, maids, dudes like this, etc.

They're all players.

Even if I had seventy-six bedrooms/23 baths?

I'd clean it all myself -

I'd trust one of these people as far as Harvey can throw them.

-Next he'll have written half-her-songs.

845 days ago
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