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Celine Dion

Disgruntled Ex-Employee

Turned Down $10k Severance

6/28/2012 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Celine Dion
says the ex-employee who's suing her got more than enough cash to cover his alleged overtime -- and she says he turned down a $10,000 payout when he was fired.

TMZ broke the story, Keith Sturtevant -- a former "warehouse manager" for Celine and her husband -- filed a federal lawsuit ... claiming he was never paid overtime even though he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week during his 3 plus years of service.

But a rep for Celine tells TMZ, Sturtevant was "paid a handsome yearly salary that covered overtime for his services for three years."

In his lawsuit, Sturtevant says he originally made about $50,000 per year -- but eventually got a raise to $63,000 per year.

The rep also claims Sturtevant turned down a very handsome severance package -- vacation pay plus $10k -- when he was fired last month.

We're told Sturtevant got the boot due to poor performance.


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Paul B    

She's a horse head. The job was managing s stable not a warehouse.

792 days ago


If you don't believe these people can cause havoc and nightmares call Meg Whitman or Maria Shriver.

Every second they're looking at/for something to exploit and sue over.

-then they go back toJamaica and buy a farm.

792 days ago


Celebs know to have safes/lock their good jewelry.

Guaranteed the dude's stolen nine watches.

That's forty grand right there.

792 days ago


I've worked in HR & Payroll my entire life. This guy is more than likely just out to get money. If his overtime was his only concern, the Fair Labor Standards Act covers that and a simple complaint would have the DOL all up in Celine's business practices. I've lived through a DOL labor audit and it isn't pretty.

There is no gray area. An employee is either exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay. There are a series of "tests" to meet to be considered exempt. An employee either meets them or they don't. The test covers things like how much they are paid, if they supervise others, if they make decisions on their own, can hire & fire, etc.

Also, just because a company offers severance does not mean hush money. It is done for numerous reasons. Most commonly in hopes that the employee will find another job before the severance runs out and not collect any unemployment. Every unemployment payout increases a companies unemployment taxes for 3 years. Most times a little severance pay here and there is best for the company in the long run.

792 days ago


Celine does not strike me as a cheap employer. The guy probably had the title "manager" but had the responsibilities of a clerk. 10K severance is not much which points out he was not exactly employee of the year. If they wanted to rid this guy due to anything else than poor performance they would have paid much more $$.

792 days ago


I am on Celine's side here. Celine would treat her employees right, she'd not slight them.

She is super sweet, went to her concert in Vegas (first time she was there A New Day, and she was sooo genuine and sweet with the audience and very compassionate.) I cannot imagine her ever treating someone unfairly.

Sounds like an opportunist out to try to milk her for more money.

He had the chance to take the severance and vacation, but he chose not to. His loss.

792 days ago


If it truly was true, he could have complained to US Dept of Labor and they would have stepped in. For him to do this on his own, screams OPPORTUNIST!

792 days ago


Sounds odd that they would fire him due to poor performance yet offer him a severence package. The only time employees do that is when they are afraid of a lawsuit and want signed do***entation that the employee accepts the terms as final.

792 days ago


"Celine Dion says the ex-employee who's suing her got more than enough cash to cover his alleged overtime."
Sounds like an admission to me.

792 days ago

Rahul Singh    

as Crystal responded I didnt even know that a person able to get paid $8582 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this web site

792 days ago


Celine is extremely generous with her family,friends,and charities,so I don't think she's cheap.He made a good salary.

792 days ago


Why would you fire a three-year employee and then oferf a severance package? Was he just screwing up, being lazy? I wouldn't offer that person a large severance package. Was there more to the story?

792 days ago


There is a big difference between a warehouse manager of a commerical concern and a warehouse manager of a private concern. $50K starting is more than adequate, $63K is more than average. And this fellow doesn't tell us how much he made before he went to work for them. He does say that he "regularly worked more than 40 hours per week." but doesn't tell us just how much more he worked. He doesn't even hint at how much. There is a big difference between working 5 more hours a week and working 20 to 40 more hours a week. Big difference!
Most of the comments I've read here complain that he must be telling the truth because they kept him on for 3 years and gave him a raise. That doesn't mean anything. He might have worked well for 2 and 1/2 years and then slacked off the last 6 months. Most people who get fired, get fired for recent performance.
In this economy, if you want me to work 50 hours a week and for that you'll pay me $63K with paid vacation and more... I'm your man! And I would work every day like it was my first day on the job, even 3 years down the line.

When it comes to being employed, you snooze you lose. That's just the way it is.

792 days ago


10k severance for having to see her camel toe is NOT enough.

792 days ago


This guy already admitted he was an exempt employee. He stayed on for 3 years and accepted his salary increases without any complaints. Sounds like he got spoiled and lazy deserving to be fired and he's filing a lawsuit because he's bitter. He's an idiot for not accept his $10K severance pay because he will need it to pay his attorney for a case he will lose.

792 days ago
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