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Eddie Van Halen

'Back to Future' Walkman

Scene Was Really Me!!!

6/28/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Van Halen
swears ... it was really him shredding guitar in that famous scene from "Back to the Future" -- when Marty McFly pops a cassette tape into his walkman ... and blows out his father's eardrums.

Don't pretend like you forgot -- Marty puts on that radiation suit and wakes his dad up with a Van Halen cassette tape, saying, "Silence earthling." IT'S CLASSIC!!! Okay fine, here's the clip.

In the movie, the tape says "Edward Van Halen" on it -- but there's been a lot of speculation over the years about what song it was ... and whether it was even Eddie playing the music ... but yesterday in L.A., the rock legend put the rumors to rest.

Eddie insists it WAS really him on the tape -- but as for whether the guitar lick was part of a real song ... Eddie said it was him "just playing a bunch of noise."

So there you have it. Still awesome.


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Rico Suavy    

Whoopie Tookus

849 days ago


How's the tour going Ed? It was nice to see they cancelled the rest of it, after the public wasn't buying this latest edition of van halen "starring" Ed's morbidly obese son Wolfie. Until they got Michael Anthony back in the band this was never the real Van Halen of 78-84. David Lee Roth knew it too, but he needs the money and went out on the road with ed and his brother in THE GREAT CASH GRAB OF 2012. Poke a fork in Halen-they're done.

849 days ago


Well thanks for clearing that up, I've spent endless sleepless nights since the 80's racking my brain until it hurt trying to find the answer.

849 days ago


NO 1 CURR!!!!!

849 days ago


This board is full of underaged *******s who doesn't know how cool Back To the future was and how cool was everyone trying to know if Van Halen did that. Go back to search more about Kardashian and Snooki and leave this board, morons.

849 days ago


I would still do Eddie...Yes yes yes!; )

849 days ago


Ed's a good guitar player, feel-player, puts emotion into it.
Like in the breakdown in Panama after the solo where Dave is talkin' bout runnin' a little bit hot tonight, great feel in the guitar.
Or his solo on Beat It, and in Intro to Little Guitars.
Good stuff, Maynard.

849 days ago


When I read the headline, I thought he was trying to convince everybody that he was the guy 'in the suit." I always thought it was common knowledge that it was his music blasting through Crispin Glover's skull.

849 days ago


This guy is a p.rick
Just ask Michael Anthony

849 days ago


When this baby hits 88 miles per hour.. you're going to see some serious sh*t.

849 days ago


couldn't give a nun's crotch

849 days ago


agree with Santo thinking the headline meant EVH was guy in the suit haha. Of course this was VanHalen playing, who else could've done that? Everyone knew it and thought it was very cool scene in the movie when it was released way back when. omg i'm

849 days ago


Every one is nuts. Even Eddie. The clip you hear with drums included towards the end was recorded for the movie THE WILD LIFE (sean penn). If you watch the film, you will hear the same audio clip included into BACK TO THE FUTURE.

849 days ago

Johnny Beane    

This Eddie Van Halen "Walkman" music was originally in the film "The Wild Life" in 1984 a year b4 it was in "Back to the Future".
The scene where Chris Penn falls off the roof of his girlfriend's house. I have the raw audio, classic Eddie!

849 days ago


2 rock stories in the same day? Wait a minute, I thought this was tmz? Where no talent rappers that get in trouble get ALL the headlines? Rap fans are liars, idiots, or both, if they act like they never heard of Van Halen. Professional sports games.(duh)They get played tons of times. People like me just don't get or KNOW a rapper that had a "so called hit" 10 years ago? Finally, It's not Van Halen without Michael Anthony!(Roth/Hagar you CAN switch out)Eddie Van Halen played the lead solo on "Beat It" also.

849 days ago
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