'Today' Show Savannah in Ann's Chair, But Mum's the Word

6/29/2012 6:35 AM PDT

'Today' Show -- Savannah Guthrie in Ann Curry's Chair, But No Official Announcement

Savannah Guthrie
was alongside Matt Lauer on "Today" this morning … in the barely-cold chair that once belonged to Ann Curry ... but producers wussed out on making it official.

In fact, the beginning of the show was highly irregular -- the announcer always intros the anchors, not today on "Today."

TMZ broke the story -- Savannah has already inked her deal to replace Ann ... this after Meredith Vieira turned down an offer to return to the show.

Now it's unclear when the announcement will be made. We're told Matt is on vacation next week ... ditto for Al Roker. 

Well, at least there will be plenty of time for the announcer to nail that new open.