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Karen Klein

Bullies SLAPPED With

One-Year Suspension

6/30/2012 5:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The four hooligans who ruthlessly bullied school bus monitor Karen Klein have officially been served their punishment -- and it's a big, fat suspension.

In a statement released by the Greece Central School District ... the four seventh grade boys who taunted the 68-year-old grandmother were issued a one year suspension from school, a one year suspension from bus use, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly and are required to participate in a bully prevention program.

The district added that the boys will be sent to the district Reengagement Center -- a special alternative education program -- since by the law they are required to provide an education.

If you recall ... Klein's story received national attention after a 10 minute YouTube video of the boys bullying her on the bus went viral. She has said from the beginning she did not want to press criminal charges.


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This is fair. To those saying that these schools are not good, every case is different. I worked at a court-ordered alternative school. The classes are small. The kids get more attention and the teachers are among the most dedicated. It's up to THEM what kind of education they get at that school/

823 days ago


kill these trolls with fire

823 days ago


Awesome! Finally some good news.

823 days ago


the record industry is to blame, no doubts about it. Kids are out of control also because they don't get punished, but still the main reason is because they are the target of the record industry, for years. Let's don't act all surprised. We saw this unfolding from quite some time now. There is only one way to sop this: educating the Police to act and finally punish the criminals making a clear example. That's the only way. When they will understand that bullying gets consequences maybe they'll think twice. Now it's like a joke, they can do whatever they want.

823 days ago


This is so crazy.....i know they made bad comments but getting suspended from school for a year is afraid to see what will happen if there was a fight at school....they would give them 3 years in jail 8-/

823 days ago


I think this punishment is perfect. Kids need to know that they should have some respect for adults, which they lack these days. Why wasn't the girl punished? I heard a female saying the same things during the video so she should also be included. Maybe these kids will think twice before acting like such jacka$$es again.

823 days ago


In high school I was bullied so much I started skipping school(so I feel for her). I think these boys got what they deserved ...I am not so sure about the alternative school. I went to two alternative classes withing my school . I went in there for major truancy(but I was a good kid) and came out crazy I had major behavioral issues and I became extremely angry and aggressive when my parents decided to pull me out and put me in another program.
I think bullying has gotten to major extremes and many school really do not take much action to remedy the problem, so maybe in this case they are making an example out of them.

823 days ago


Everything is fine except suspension from school for a year. Too harsh. They are 7th graders! They could have just done community service and the program. I mean this woman got over $60...0,000.....she couldn't hear half the comments cause she's deaf. Even in interviews her daughter had to repeat the questions. People offend me sending her over 600 grand yet a guy gets his face eaten off and gets nothing.

822 days ago


I guess that's fair. Though one has to wonder whether they were raised to respect their elders...I think not. The parents may ACT surprised but they are not.

822 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

There is no excuse for what these little SOB's did but people forget they are also only 12/13 yo kids. Kids do stupid stuff, they make bad choices, and this was as bad as you can get.

I agree they should be kicked off the bus, should have to do community service but I think a year out of school is too harsh.

If they were my kids they wouldn't be out of my site (or their room) for a very very long time and I would impose harsher punishments on them than the school could ever do. I am constantly reading comments such as "my kids would never act that way" those are usually parents of the worst behaved kids. I have seen it many times. Parents think there is no way their precious baby could act that way and their kids are perfect which actually blinds the parents from seeing the truth about how their kids really act.


And while i think there is no excuse for the behavior of these kids, i also think the monitor should have reported it as soon as it happened. I honestly don't think she could handle the kids. If she asked them to stop and they didn't, what would she have done if those same kids were bulling on other students? As a parent there is no way in hell i would trust my kids on her bus after seeing how she handled it. Where we live school employees are required to report any bullying (or rumors of bullying) and aggressive behavior like this. I am wondering if she is a mandatory reporter.

There were also two adults on the bus, you can't tell me the bus driver had no idea what was going on, or didn't notice this woman was upset after it happened. It should have been reported and those kids should have been punished ASAP. Not the popular opinion but oh well. The little sob's that did this do need to be punished but this woman should have also done her job. If she can't handle the kids she shouldn't be in that line of work.

822 days ago


Back in our day if a kid disrespects a older person our parents would have showed us what being bullied was really like. As for the punishment, I think it fits the crime, but I think they should have gave her a belt and allow her 5 minutes in a room with them without anyone present to show a little OLD SCHOOL punishment, and if we are lucky their parents may still do this..

822 days ago


well it is sad that none of you people commenting saying that the punishment is perfect know anything about the system, because sending these kids to a alternitive school will only make them worse and set them on a path that will lead to are tax dollars having to be used to pay for evrything from court cost to lock up cost to all the things inbetween... they will be placed in a school full of kids coming in and out of juevinial hall and when kids are surrounded by all kins of bad things they will become part of it. and if all these kids had ever been in trouble for was calling this lady really bad names than it is sad that they are being pretty much shoved into the system, they should have gotten a years worth of community service working with and for the elderly. and honestly it is more punishment being in a regular school because i went to an alterative school and u dont even have to try there in the classes, u get A's in class for doing nothing and u learn nothing, . the system is amazing, u kick the dumb bad kids out of school to go to a school where they get dumber and set up for adult incarceration and a life full of welfare using up are tax $$$$ but yea..

822 days ago


This is a joke, those schools should not be for 1st time offenders. They would have been better off making them do some serious Community Service somewhere they could see first hand what kind of damage can be done by hate and stupidity.
On another note this woman was NOT DOING HER JOB! If this is what the school district deems fit as a bus monitor I will drive my kids to school. I worked with kids for years and none of them would ever dare talk to me that way and I did not need to threaten them with anything just being an assertive person is all you need, then they know they can't get anywhere by goading you. THis woman should never be in a position where it is her job to protect and monitor kids, the district should just save themselves the salary if she is there choice for the job. The whole situation is just overblown and ridiculous!

822 days ago


This makes me happy

822 days ago


Those kids need to go to school! This suspension will only serve to hurt them in the long run. It's an endless cycle, they wont break their behavior habits by not getting a good education because those alt. schools are a breeding ground for jaded dropout kids illogical.

822 days ago
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